Friday, 1 April 2011

Its Good News for Anne.

Marvellous news - The Roberts circus people have agreed to let Anne the elephant spend her remaining days at a safari park.  It is far from ideal but will be a million times better than the life she has had.  Shame on them for  only now allowing  public pressure to persuade them, I just hope she will live long enough to enjoy her new surroundings and that her tragic story will help others to realise that there is no place for wild animals in circuses or zoos.  What a pity the evil man caught on video will not pay for his actions. Thank you everyone who cared enough to protest. I know of this circus from years ago when I joined demonstrations against them  and the workers there were extremely intimidating towards us, scarily so, therefore this tragic story is of no surprise to me.

Rhian went to the vet today and who should be in the waiting room but little Teddy and his owner so Rhian took the opportunity to take this photo, she said he was full of life and a very happy pup, You can see where his leg has been amputated, Rhian had failed to notice the other sign that he was feeling good!!! No rude comments please.

The big grey and white cat pictured here was abandoned when his owners moved house so we have another queue jumper but this one needed to be prioritised: his owners had allegedly moved several days ago and the weather here has really changed, from lovely warm spring days to cold and wintery with non stop rain . It is not at all nice for animals to be without shelter.

Molly a young collie came up from Liverpool today, she had been kept in a FLAT and was proving too much for her owner to cope with (no surprise there).  The lady who brought her up was planning to look at 6 years old Nell but fell in love with Molly and so no sooner had they  arrived here, she made her decision and back she and Molly  went to Merseyside.  A lot of travelling in one day, but Molly seemed fairly unfazed by it all.  There will be someone else for Nell, the right home for her will turn up soon I am sure.


Tali said...

I'm already in love with Riley cat!

Penny Brown said...

More good news!