Saturday, 16 April 2011

Lady in Red

Update on the neglected cat - she has been shaved pretty well all over her body and in doing so the vet discovered a mammary tumour which was been removed whilst she was under the anaesthetic. They think she is pretty old, she is missing several teeth and is probably in her teens . I hope the owner has no luck in her life; to abandon this dear little cat and move away leaving her to her own devices is wicked to say the least. In spite of her recent ordeal she is bright and very affectionate though she seems to feel apprehensive when she leaves her pen, as though she only feels secure whilst in a familiar environment.We have named her Candy. I would like to have her adopted so she can spend the rest of her life being loved in a home of her own but if not she will join the other oldies which sleep in the conservatory.Today Rhian has made a coat for her out of an old jumper which was given for bedding . Its just what she needed and I think it rather suits her. I just hope it isn't one of my good ones which got mixed up with the animal bedding,it looks suspiciously like one of mine!
That reminds me of when I was in Liverpool and a volunteer had left her washing in a binbag in the hall of the house,ready to take to the launderette when she finished work. When she was leaving she looked in vain for her washing. Dave C  had put it in the van to be taken to the charity shop . He was inclined to do this with anything he did not immediately identify as useful  including my beautiful mirror which was an expensive wedding gift  and was sold for £5 in the shop and I was only waiting for someone to put it up! Anyhow the poor girl rushed straight to the shop and to her horror the bag had been put with the rags and had been taken away by the rag collectors!  I think more than the fact that it was lost forever, I would have been more upset  that the shop staff thought the clothes only worthy of being sold for rags!The moral of this story is that if you own anything you value NEVER NEVER leave it around the shelter, you may never see it again.

The pups have had so many offers of homes but the two best ones have backed out now (one was distance and the other failed to ring back with contact details for a homecheck)There are a couple more being homechecked so fingers crossed  these will be successful. I would never have thought that it would be so hard to find suitable homes for these three little beauties . A few days ago  I spoke to a worker at Pine Ridge Shelter in Suffolk, they home dogs very easily there and she  said that the recession has hit them badly, they are having far fewer dogs adopted this past 6 months and are very worried about future homing figures. I know how she feels, I have a horrible feeling it may be happening everywhere which does not bode well for all the thousands of homelesss dogs in the UK.

Ellie the little terrier has been adopted today, I really hope she settles down well, she is quite a lively dog and has had very little training in the past.This is evident when she steals a piece of toast from your hand or jumps up on a knee and knocks over the cup of tea you were just really enjoying.I'm sure with more attention she will do well  and the adoptive'parents' know she has these problems so they are aware what they are taking on. Ellie  today looks nothing like the scrawny flearidden dog which was first admitted, her coat has improved after being wormed and deflead, such basic care and jobs which take so little time to do but what a difference it makes to an animals general health.
Ellie will be living with a lovely collie called Taff(shown here when they met) and a family with a daughter Lisa who thought it great fun when Ellie decided to squeeze out of the exercise field  where she and Taff had been playing ,and lead me a merry dance for half an hour.As soon as I caught up with her she would look at me, and I swear she was smirking, then she would race off again.  Maybe she thought she would just give me the run around for one last time! Thats gratitude for you.

Betty the pregnant cat has given birth today, so far she has had 5 kittens but I think there may be a few more as she is still so big.She may let me take a photo later, she seems very content and proud of her new babies, thank goodness she was brought in and did not have to resort to finding a safe dry place outside to rear her babies.

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