Friday, 22 April 2011

Swift(Jack )returns and An Ex Volunteer Shows Her True Colours

Swift returned this morning and we introduced him gradually to the other horses,There was a great deal of interest shown in him, a lot of snorting and prancing about from the resident equines but eventually things calmed down and he has been more or less accepted into the herd. We must get used to calling him Jack which he has been answering to for the past five years , As we only knew him as Swift it will take a  bit of getting used to.  Jack(on left) is  shown here introducing himself to old Morris. Jack was here when I moved into the property, he was just a youngster then but for the life of me I cannot remember his history and how he came to be here so I will endeavour to find that out.When I moved here I not only inherited Jack but  a whole bunch of Vietnamese potbellied pigs and a greyhound! It was a good start to the sanctuary!

A gentleman from Wiltshire arrived today to see Lad (the collie kept caged) and he fell in love with him so will be taking him back with him on Sunday.Tomorrow we need to bath Lad who  is more than a bit smelly and make him fit to go up in the world!
What a time we are having with returned pets - the two middle aged springer spaniels we homed a year ago are also coming back and I am desperately trying to find a foster place for them.I was upset to hear that they have not been for a walk in 6 months!! If only I had known that I would have found a new home for them months ago. Still, there is someone coming to see them tomorrow so lets hope it is a love match all round.
All our foster homes are now in use, both for dogs and cats and kittens;Roy is fostering a beautiful lurcher, a fawn female found wandering in the town,nobody has claimed her and of couse she is another without a collar or a microchip. I will put her photo on the website as soon as possible,

The Easter Fair was attended better than previous times (after all my worrying) and £419 was raised. This time there were not just local people but also  visitors to the area atttending  and it is one of these who is interested in the spaniels. For the first time I did not attend the Porthmadog fair, this morning I woke with a headache and decided to take some time off today so I am grateful to everyone who volunteered their time on such a hot day,it was really appreciated  and I am sure I was not missed at all.
I guiltily spent the afternoon canoeing on the sea  and it was wonderful, I returned home minus the headache and feeling energised!

A very nice couple turned up to offer a home to a rabbit as a companion to their own whose friend had died and they have given a home to the new baby bun.I think it is a silver fox or something similar to that.I'm sure a rabbit enthuisiast will soon put me right if that is wrong.Pamela, where are you, I know you read this and I know that there is hardly anything you dont know about rabbits! Speaking of rabbits, the guinea pig was so pleased to have his pal back,(from the vet) he was overjoyed to see him and it was quite heartwarming to see how they have bonded so well.After a course of antibiotics bun should be fine.

Now on to something which has truly made me very very angry. We had a volunteer here last year who adopted 3 kittens from us. We have not seen here for some time and  yesterday Rhian went to the vet to collect the rabbit and came back with two beautiful cats which had been taken to the vet for destruction! Yes they were our cats. this person had taken them to be killed because she said they had attacked her daughter so badly she had 6 stitches in. Now  I have grave doubts about the truth of this story but what right did she have to do this instead of returning them to the shelter.She signed a form to promise to do this if she could no longer keep them, it is part of the adoption agreement. I am livid and I want the third cat back(is it still there?)
I am sending someone tomorrow to get it back.Why do people do this, how callous can someone be to walk into a vet surgery,hand over two young and gentle cats(and they are very gentle) which in effect do not belong to them and ask for them to be killed. It is beyond my comprehension.There has been no contact from her to say that she was having problems  so what was she thinking? I am so thankful they were microchipped to us and therefore returned to Freshfields, their rightful owners.The cats are Pictured above here they are 11 months old and calm happy little cats.Did they deserve to die ?


netta said...

I wonder what the child did to the cat's

Janice Gillett said...

I do hope that terrible volunteer didn't kill her third rescue.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Every day i am surprised by the wicked ways of people so why am i surprised every day??

kim said...

Makes my blood boil too.They are just beautiful.I will be back to help out ASAP,Just been to theater again for my hands,but as soon as im fit I will be there to mussel in xxx Keep at it Lesley xx