Thursday, 14 April 2011

Please can I have some More?

Late today  a sadly neglected cat was admitted, at this stage I am unable to even check the sex of him/her due to a terribly matted coat.It seems the owner, an alcoholic moved away some months ago and left the cat behind to fend for itself. Poor thing has not done a very good job and apart from his bedraggled appearance he has an infected eye. Being a longhaired cat and with nobody to care for his coat, he has ended up in a very bad state. He seemed happy to be indoors and wolfed his first meal down as though there was never going to be another."Rest easy little cat, there will be plenty more for you to tuck into, Freshfields is like one very big Feline canteen and the Dinner Ladies are on duty from early morning to evening.You will not go without again".
Tomorrow he will go to the Vet to be checked out.
The cat is a female and has stayed at the vet to be dematted under anaesthetic.It was too bad for us to attempt it here.She will be given a full MOT whilst she is there and we will have to find a little coat for her to wear when she returns.Without her hair she will be very cold and vulnerable, I am sure we have a small dog coat somewhere(that same old somewhere!If we could only discover its whereabouts we would find everything that has been lost over the years and have enough to set up a string of shops!))
THis afternoon I gave a talk to the members of the Pentrefelin Club, near Criccieth, I hate public speaking and I hardly slept last night for worrying about it. The thought of it was worse than the actual event although I felt I rushed through all I wanted to say and at times I felt I was shouting, but later the Chairlady told me everybody enjoyed it because for once they could all hear what was being said. The Pentrefelin Club have kindly included Freshfields as a charity to benefit from their fundraising events this year so I was glad I did not disappoint them. At the end everybody had a glass of champagne, I was really looking forward to it when a lady sitting near me shouted querulously that she wanted a glass of champagne, not orange juice, so to appease her I poured her a glass of bubbly, went to get my own and there was none left!!!AND she won a raffle prize too! I wouldn't say I was bitter but next time she can get her own drink!
Lad the collie from the cage is back with us as his home did not work out and I wish I did not have so many dogs,I really like him and would love to keep him.maybe if he is still here at the end of the year and the live in arrangements of the house dogs changes I could consider it.

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