Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Two Beauties Pose for The Camera.

A quiet day today .Other than Lad leaving us for the warmer climes of Wiltshire(at least thats what I am told) we had a fairly uneventful but beautifully sunny day which went some way to compensating for the lack of animal adoptions and visitors. It gave me time to try my hand at some more photography, as usual most did not turn out very well,but there was an occasional goodie which I have posted here and on Flickr.The photo here is of Celt and Shamrock who are always interested in anything going on, in fact they are downright nosy.They say animals become like their owners and I admit to having a curious nature - ok Im nosy!
I was trying to get a good pic of Jack and Marcasite but these two kept blocking my view. They are three years old now and I can scarcely remember them as the frail foals they were on arrival, especially Shamrock(on right) who was in a dreadful condition at the age of  8 weeks, he was covered in lice and a very bedraggled little fellow.He really was a very plain baby but look at him now! Celt of course was always handsome, he would have won a Bonny baby Horse competition and he has grown into a lovely pony. For once Merlin was not about to share the photo opportunity, he was quite a way off when I appeared with the camera and was unaware otherwise he would have no doubt galloped over and pushed his way to the front of the photo.He is such a poser.
Jack has befriended Marcasite one of  four ponies from the same owner Christine, they are inseperable at the moment.Iam so pleased for him, he has never been on his own before and he seems very contented today.

The pigs have had a mud bath today courtesy of Cariad and her children and they thoroughly enjoyed wallowing in it - even the pigs enjoyed it! The mud will help prevent the pigs from becoming sunburned, always a concern in this weather though Charlotte managed to spray some factor 50 on the pinkies back before she waddled off.

Did I mention the spaniels which have been returned? I am upset they have not been walked for 6 months and we were not informed of the change in circumstances at that point but I will do my best to ensure that  this will not happen  in the next home.I think I will get people to fill out a  form with their medical history! Seriously though, nobody can foresee a change in health but to wait 6 months and in the meantime allow the dogs to become obese through lack of exercise in not on at all. and believe me they  ARE Obese!
They are such fantastic animals, I would be tempted to have them myself if I had not already added to my canine family, well it looks like I have due to the fact that Gel and Dingo seem to have become permanent residents.I have had nobody interested in either and time is going by, they are so settled with me now.
Spaniels are not my favourite breed but these two middle aged ones have such great temperaments and they are wonderful with cats too.(always a saving grace in my eyes)
I wonder if  a video of them might help find them a nice home? I will try to do that tomorrow.

Re the cat situation /volunteer taking cats to be destroyed, nobody was in today, will try again tomorrow to try to repossess the third cat.

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