Monday, 11 April 2011

Three Lucky Pups.

Pictured here are Joss and Suzy on their arrival at their new home.Suzy was not showing much inclination to get out the basket at that  stage but I was unsurprised though I was  very happy to hear that she was amazingly calm being moved to a strange environment . I thought it may give her a lot of stress, to the point where she may even hide for a few days. Her apparent calmness  bodes well for her adapting and settling easily.I am sure that the presence of Joss will help her too.

Pictured with Hannah, (Gails daughter )who is doing three weeks work experience here, are three adorable but unwanted  little collie pups which were rescued at the age of 5 weeks from a farm where they had been given the death sentence by the farmer. They are all males, perhaps he only wanted to keep the females for future breeding stock? Who Knows what goes on in the minds of such people. The annoying aspect of this sort of rescue is that it comes as second hand information and although I am always grateful that someone with compassion takes  steps to prevent cruelty,nobody ever  wants to give the details about the owners so subsequently we may be able to offer help to the pups but what about the poor mother who will carry on to have more pups who in turn may risk losing their lives. Would it not be better to speak to the farmer and try to solve the problem before it happens again. Admittedly there are many who will not take advice ,being so rooted in the old ways but there is always a chance that one may listen and take an offer of help. If only one out of 100 will agree to having a bitch collie spayed then it is one more success and many puppies saved. These 7 weeks old youngsters will be snapped up  before too long , they are simply beautiful.

After the weeekends beautiful weather I dug out my summer clothes, sunglasses, suntan lotion, the lot- got up this morning ready to put on my shorts ,looked out the window - dark clouds and rain!! Away went the shorts and on went the winter gear again.the only good thing about cold weather is that  winter  clothes cover a multitude of sins.Well at least the respite will give me time to start working on the dreaded cellulite before the next sunny spell and the sudden exposure of my  pale and unsightly limbs!

Its definitely about to rain kittens- our first ready to adopt litter is due to arrive on Friday. 4 have been born to a stray mum cat in Pwllheli and Gail is going to collect them on her way in to work at the end of the week. There are 2 black and 2 tabbies, for once the black ones will be homed quickly, at the beginning of the kitten season all kittens are snapped up no matter what colour, people have been waiting eagerly for the first to arrive in shelters all over the UK .Thats the theory anyway so I hope I don't have to eat my words!

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