Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Swift is Coming back to Us and a Baby Rabbit arrives.

What a difference a few days of sunshine can make to everyone! Its wonderful AND it seemed to bring out some prospective adopters - yesterday we had several people visiting and three of the litter of almost ready to go kittens are reserved, Sally the cross German shepherd has gone on a 7 day trial and I am hoping that it will work out well for her and finally we have done a swap with our ancient tractor Trevor for another old one but one which has been done up and actually starts! This should go ahead over the next week pending the transport to move them both.
However there is always a downside isnt there? We have ANOTHER horse being returned on Friday, this time redundancy has caused a big change in circumstances for the people who have cared for him for the past 5 years.This recesssion is creating many problems with not only businesses and charities but for individuals also. I feel sad for Swift as he had such a good home there but we have an obligation to take him back so that is the way it is. Fortunately quite a few of the horses will be going in the next 2 weeks to their summer fields so we have a little time to re introduce Swift to  a companion(or two) and then he can also go where there is better pasture.Swift was already at the shelter when I took it over 9 years ago, he was only a youngster then, he must be around 13 years now.
Anyhow not to get too despondent about that, these things happen and have to be dealt with accordingly,it is part of shelter life.

I have been busy getting things ready for the Spring Fair in Porthmadog on Friday, as there is limited transport on Good Friday(wish i had realised that) I can only hope that most of our supporters have cars! At least the weather will not put them off - or will it? Will the sun mean that everyone takes to the beach? I must stop worrying. I'm sure that Trisha from the Port shop who has been organising most of it, will have everything under control as usual.

We have had a dear little baby rabbit brought in, he was found in the middle of a busy road locally, there is a name for his type  though it escapes me at the moment, he is a sort of two tone grey, dark with lighter silvery points.A very attractive bunny, so far nobody has reported one missing. (he is pictured here playing hide and seek in the hay)The rabbit which lives with the guinea pig here has developed an eye infection so he has gone to the vet for treatment today - guinea has been calling for his pal all day. When the rabbit first arrived we already had the guinea pig and we were unsure whether the two would get on .The pairing of these different species is not always successful and I did not want the little chap to get hurt.,As it happened , after the first week during which the guinea pig hid from the big Bun, they started to become friends and now they sleep together and love each other.

Ellie the little terrier rehomed recently has returned to have her spay stitches out and she is doing really well, still being mischievous but  the family seem to love her and are working through the teeething problems(literally). Paddy and Patch are delighted to see the back of her, they  were very tolerant but I could see that she was starting to irritate them, after all when one is mature and sedate, a badly behaved youngster is simply not to be tolerated!Well thats what Paddy seemed to be thinking!The warm weather is doing him the world of good, he enjoys a gallop round the fields every day now - Meis brother lives in the village just across to us and the other day he asked Mei what was I doing walking round the field with a pony in tow! Mei could not think either and rang to ask me, I replied that it was not a pony, just my Paddy.

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