Sunday, 17 April 2011

Does My Head Look Wide In This?

Lady in Red Candy has attracted the attention of a Freshfields supporter in Liverpool who has bought and sent us some small fleecy coats for her. That is such a thoughtful gesture and I cannot wait to receive them and  try them on Candy who has taken to being a fashion model like a duck to water.
Betty has had 4 kittens(my mistake counting 5, I think Im included part of Bettys leg as a fifth kitten!!) and she very kindly allowed me to take a photo, as I did not want to disturb her I only quickly took one and left her alone .One kitten seems weaker than the rest and has had to have a  bottle from one of the staff, we are all hoping she will survive. She is still very large but there are no more kittens and she is eating well and seemingly content feeding  her babies.
The first litter arrived, two tabbies(one shown here) and three gorgeous little black babies.They are supposed to be seven weeks of age, I would say they are nearer 5 weeks, Mum had been killed on the road so they are orphans but eating on their own thankfully.the two tabbies have been reserved already.Next weekend another litter will be arriving, I rang the people who had been on a waiting list for kittens and all but one had already acquired one elsewhere.It happens every year!
Having given up on trying to do a self portrait of me and Paddy(Remember the half head one?) I asked a friend to take one and this is the result. Of course I am never happy with any photos of myself but Paddy looks good and thats the main thing.The first thing I said to her after seeing the photo is "Does my head really look that wide?"She told me off for being too image conscious.Well If Bridget Jones is, why not me? She has a problem with her bottom, I have one with my head!
It has been a truly beautiful sunny day today, the animals as always(like we humans) have made the most of it by sunning themselves and butterflies are starting to flit about, I noticed a few orange tips on the exercise field and the first cuckoo  I have heard this spring was cuckooing away in his tree nearby. I love hearing the first  cuckoo, the name of the lane on which the shelter stands is Lon Pant-y-Gog which in English translates as Cuckoo Dip Lane.
This coming week I need to get organised for the forthcoming Spring fair at Porthmadog.It is on Friday and I have now been told there is no public transport on that day so am worried nobody will turn up.Same with the Dog walk on May 15th.,There does not seem as much interest as last year and I am starting to panic .I hate organising these events, it always preys on my mind that there will be a disastrous turn out and sometimes that comes true!
If our  animal adoptions do not start improving I think Ill give up and  as I have been told (by one person) speaking is my vocation, I may move on to another career in public speaking! Only joking, I will see this quiet period through until it suddenly kickstarts once again. I just hope it improves soon.

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