Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Paddy has a Lazy Day

Another bright day though all the fields(and cars) were covered in a layer of frost this morning and the wild birds were particularly hungry for the treats I put out last night.

I am so excited - I think we may have badgers here, there seems to be a tunnel made in one of the fields and the shape of an animal was on a mound of hay left in the field.(as though something had been sleeping on it): of course there was the poor dead badger we found in one of the field shelters some months ago so even though I have never seen one there must be a few about.Anyhow I put out peanut butter sandwhiches in the hope that I am right and that they would enjoy a little treat.

The Mastiff did not come in after all, they were too upset to return him(good) so we will just keep an eye on how things are progressing there and his space can go to Sweep, a 5 years old collie whose owner is too ill to exercise him. He desperately needs another home and if he is as quiet and placid as the owner says he is, then he will be quite an easy dog to home.
We have taken in two cats today whose owner rang me yesterday because she was moving where the landlord would not allow cats,"when are you moving" I asked."Today" she replied !! After asking the neighbour to feed them until we had a space she upped and moved leaving the cats behind and left a message on my answerphone telling me what she had done.That was a totally unacceptable situation so Trish and her husband Bob(from the Porthmadog shop) kindly went to the address where the cats had been abandoned and took them back to the shop where we have a room for such emergencies.neither cat has been neutered and are brother and sister of 12 months.We have no available room in our cattery so they will have to remain there until we have some more cats adopted out to make room for them.
We had some extra helpers today, Lindsay and Nicky travelled from the other side of Barmouth to help out at the shelter and Rhian had them scrubbing the walls of the cattery -they were a good help so hope that doesn't put them off ! KIm (new fosterer)also has been helping out over the past week and today she brought her foster dog now permanent family member to see us and to be microchipped(the dog not Kim)
The newspaper coverage in the local paper ,The Caernarfon and Denbigh Herald has resulted in only one donation. Very disappointing.Considering how much we help this community we receive very little support .Never mind at least there are good supporters in Anglesey and other parts of Gwynedd.
Sweep failed to turn up, he has been found a home with a neighbour so I believe and I am pleased for him that he does not have to come here after all.Next on the list for a place with us is Scamp a young cross collie from Machynlleth whose owner has a new baby and no longer has time for her dog.He will arrive tomorrow, I have arranged for him to be collected and delivered here.
We have been offered another 5 acres of free grazing for our ponies this year though sadly it is because the owners horse has died .The land is very close to Freshfields and I would see Romany the grey horse every day so it is sad know ing that he will not be there anymore. The fields are ideal for us to use, they are almost opposite Meis' house so she can keep an eye on the ponies and we can see them from the shelter too.As soon as the weather gets warmer we will start to move the horses and ponies out to their respective summer grazing.
Four of the horses due to be returned will be going to foster homes.The two larger ones Dids and Buster will be going to stay with a friend of mine and Heather and Paddy will be staying on Rosies field next to her house in Clynnog. This should be fairly imminent as they will lose their home as soon as the house is sold and I have been told that the sale is going through quickly. The same friend who will be caring for Dids and Buster has also started to apply for grants for us so with a bit of luck we may receive some financial help in the next 12 months.If any of our applications are successful, it may take some time to materialise as most grant making trusts only meet twice yearly and some only once.I am delighted she has taken on this job for us, I really do feel that this will be a better year for us.It has been off to a bad start with our dire financial situation but I am confident it can only get better.(it cannot possibly get any worse) My most urgent projects are to have the area round the stables concreted and to cover the floor of the Agricultural building where we house most of the horses, with rubber matting. The sand floor has not proved to be successful and although the rubber matting will be very expensive it will be long lasting and will not need replacing once the job is done.,It will be better for the horses with foot problems , will be easier to keep clean and will be more comfortable for them should they wish to lie down as it is gives thick cushioning for their weight. Other priorities have to be a new(second hand) tractor and the old toyoya 4 wheel drive will need to be replaced before another year goes by. If we are successful with just one of these projects I will be thrilled.
Tomorrow I will be going to see Sister Sandra and will not be back until Saturday.As usual Mei will be caring for my animals whilst I am away and I know they all love her as much as they do me so it sets my mind at rest when I am not here. Paddy is not always good with people I'm afraid and none of the staff dare to enter the house to see to him so it is fortunate that he likes Mei otherwise he would have to go everywhere with me and my car is too hard for him to get into whilst his legs are not so good. He is so loving and affectionate I have no ideawhy he is naughty with others unless he is being protective,its just as well I am anti social and have no visitors here! He has to be the best guard dog I have ever had, there is no way anyone will ever enter my house uninvited!

Paddy pictured here having a snooze on his single mattress(no dog bed was
big enough for him )and in the back yard wearing his made to measure coat.My mum used to say my old cavaliers always looked miserable, I think Great Danes always look as though they bear the weight of the world on their shoulders! He IS happy HONESTLY.

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