Sunday, 6 March 2011

A new Life Ahead For Finchley Ferret,

I wrote yesterdays blog too soon because shortly after I left the office, we homed two adult cats and Finchley ferret. Finchley you may remember was the emaciated ferret we admitted several months ago, he was so weak, he could not stand and today he is a big healthy animal with an attitude! Most of the staff are nervous of him as he is inclined to nip so we have had a few people intrerested but his temperament has put them off. Along came a lady with her daughter who wants to do work experience here and lo and behold she is a ferret lover with a few of her own and she has adopted Finchley, this is great for him, soon he will have companions of his own species and a large enclosure to play in, life is going to be a lot rosier for him after today.The Liverpool shelter has really good facilities for ferrets and they admit quite a few annually but here we have limited facilities for such animals, I am not going to turn one away which desperately needs shelter but it is only suitable for temporarily accommodating a ferret or other small pets which is why I am overjoyed to see Finchley go.Nothing to do with his habit of biting of course!
It has been such a nice day that some of the horses have had their rugs off so they can enjoy the sun on their backs.Pictured are Rocky andEmber,Freddy and Grandad just after they have been put out and hovering round the fence for their daily supply of hay.There is not enough grass at this time of year so we are still supplementing their food and will probably continue to do so for a while, at least until the spring grass starts to come through.They love to be out, the first noise I hear in the morning is Big Buster kicking the door of his stable in impatience to be out in the field with his pals. Try and leave him out though and he stands by the gate for hours until he is brought in.We cant win!When I went to see the horses this morning, Cariad was in the middle of feeding the older ones their breakfast and was being pulled round the yard by Little Bobby shetland who had the toggles on her coat in his mouth and was having great fun with his new game.Why do I never have the camera with me at times like that?Most of my photos show placid horses standing quietly, believe me they are not always like that and the staff often have High Jinks with them, its just that there is never a keen photographer around at those times.
2 nice little Jack Russells have joined the Freshfields gang today,Champ and Tyson(I do hate these butch names)from different homes but the same area so one owner was decent enough to collect the other and bring him in also.They seem to get on well together and with office Lucy so until they go to their foster homes tomorrow they can all be exercised together.

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