Sunday, 20 March 2011

Jenny Is About to Become an Essex Girl.

What a horrible rainy cold day its been today BUT 3 adult cats have been adopted and Jenny the Lurcher too so in terms of rehoming it has been a good day.It may not seem many but this is about as busy as it gets. Lenny and Sooty cats have gone to live together with a young family- mum Karen has been emailing me for a couple for weeks with the view to giving a home to an unwanted cat and I am so pleased she has chosen these two.Sooty has been her nearly a year and Lenny is the colour which is most unpopular with visitors - BLACK! The third cat is a youngster which came in as a feral but has since become friendlier and friendlier each week that goes by.Now she has got a home of her own the process should be soon complete and she can spend the rest of her life in domestic bliss.
The new bunnies are getting on well with the 2 guinea pigs ,  I was a little concerned about their compatibility, rabbits do not always get on with guinea pigs and so I kept popping backwards and forwards to check there was no aggression between any of them.The guineas were a little put out at having to share their space with the newcomers but generally all is well in small animal land.We  have plans to convert a small area for the purpose of providing better  accommodation for these animals but it will not be started until the spring so we had to "double up" for now.
Jenny(above\) has gone to live In Chelmsford ,Essex with a lurcher loving couple Don and Vicky; they have had 5 lurchers over the 45 years they have been married(how does anyone get to the 45 years stage? I am highly impressed at such perseverance) and after travelling across the country to meet the lovely Jenny, they were not disappointed.I did ,however ,feel a pang of sadness as I watched them drive away with Jenny looking out the back window at me.No matter how much I want them to find good homes, I will never like seeing them go.Usually I choose not to watch them leaving but today I deviated from my normal routine  and Oh how I wish that I had not.If only we could communicate with animals and be able to tell them that they are going to a better life.For many animals that 'better life ' means the shelter.I can't wait to hear how she is, lurchers are such gentle timid souls around humans and their emotions show on their faces.I could see Jenny was worried and although I know that I would go a long way to find a better home for her than this one, my feelings of guilt at parting with her remains.This is the trouble with fostering dogs and having them in the house, it is so easy to become attached quickly and as most people who know me are aware - I hold a very special feeling for this type of dog. I have another 2  homeless pets arriving tomorrow, a 6 years old collie and a Yorkshire terrier whose owner has died, no doubt I will want to keep them too! Here I go Again!

I have decided to keep to the original date for the Sponsored Walk so it remains the 15th May.If we don't manage to raise as much this year well so be it. I am sure there will still be animal lovers who will support the walk  and if I change the date that may well coincide with another event anyway. Its the luck of the drawer. Last year our Open Day clashed with other big events locally ,in summer it is almost impossible to choose a date which doesn't do this. So the Decision has been made( I only hope I dont live to regret it)

Sadly Cuddles failed to make it, her condition continued to deteriorate and it was decided to let her go. I know we can't help every animal but to lose one so soon is truly upsetting.I feel that she must have had an undiagnosed infection prior to being admitted, for all we know she may not have been well since her owner died and the trauma of the loss and then moving here was just too much for her.Poor Cuddles.RIP.

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Karen Langridge said...

Lenny and Sooty have settled in well. Lenny is enjoying playing with his new toys and is full of beans. Sooty has finally braved coming out from behind the sofa and is sitting on the sofa with me and hasn't stopped purring.

Thanks for all your help :)