Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Burns Petfood Donation Arrives

The 4 kittens which were undersized through their bad start in life,have finally had their FIV test  at the age of 4 months; the results were negative so the two which had been reserved can now go to their new home. I am so pleased for them. They are so lively it is difficult to take a photo of them, they never stay still long enough so instead I have included a photo of Peter enjoying a rest in a plantpot!Peter is a middle aged and  very shy cat we released last year to live his life out at the shelter.He lives in the conservatory and is often to be seen cuddled up to Big Ginge and pals. The plantpot was one I was about to throw out but now Peter seems to like it so it has a reprieve.
The Waitrose  charity cheque was collected by Veronica and was a brilliant £402, more tokens were placed in our side of the charity box which meant we had the lion share of the donation.Thanks to all the shoppers who contributed to this, we are thrilled.
We apply to many charitable trusts and companies for support and in doing this we get many knock backs but now and again something positive comes out of it and after a plea to Burns Petfood they have generously  sent a whole pallet full of fishy food which will help keep the animals happy and our food bill to a minimum for the next few weeks.Thank you Burns and thank you Mei, John and Gail who had to be arm wrestled to appear in the photo. This is when my kickboxing skills prove  useful! John was particularly concerned he had not had time to 'do his hair' but I lent him  some polish and a duster and it seemed to do the trick.

I heard today that little Teddy the disabled GSD pup has recovered well from his operation to amputate his leg and is managing really well, I look forward to seeing him again very soon - what a brave little dog. I read on the interenet a week ago about a similar case with a Great dane puppy, that  was also  abandoned with a damaged leg.Like Teddy he has fallen into safe hands and hopefully like our puppy he will find a loving owner and enjoy the rest of his life. It is a wicked thing to abandon any creature whether it be fit or not healthy but the abandonment of a physically disabled  one reeks almost of naziism and I am angry that the perpetrators of both these callous acts  will be most unlikely to face any form of justice or retribution. Why do these sods get away with it?

Tomorrow was meant to be our trustee meeting in Liverpool but unfortunately(but fortunately for Mei)I have had to pospone due to the fact that at long last Mei has her operation scheduled for Wednesday in Llandudno and she is the one who looks after my animals when I am away. She is having cameras put into her wrist (cant spell the actaual name for the procedure)and has been told if they find anything they will fix it at same time.Knowing her luck, or rather lack of it, she will have to return for another op. I hope for her sake it will all get sorted tomorrow.2 years of exruciating pain is enough for anyone to deal with.Rosie is recovering from her  horrid op  and is back to fostering at the weekend. I just need to tell her!  Rosie if you read this I forgot to mention there is a dog coming in on Saturday for you! Hope you are feeling up to it old girl?
There is just Vanessa left now to get her  knee operation date and then they should all be renewed with health and vigour and be doing twice the workload!
End of Staff Medical Bulletin.

The Farrier is here today and there is a lot of whinnying(not from him) from the horses who are anxious to get away from the holding paddock and back into the fields.For the first time ever little Maggie shetland has not had to be sedated to have her feet trimmed.Perhaps she just cannot be bothered fighting it today.It  has certainly made the work today  easier for everybody, it's no joke when she rears and bucks, even a shetland pony like Maggie packs a lot of weight behind her, not to mention a pretty hefty kick.Pictured waiting their turn are old Tangy and Ross.Tangy the chestnut pony on the left was thirty when she was admitted  in 2004 and is still doing well. and Ross also is a similar age though he is showing his age lately, he is a dear old pony who has spent his earlier years  teaching his owners children to ride but sadly nobody ever rings to see how he is. How easily they become the forgotten ones.


john mike said...

hi lesley, you and polish,surely not???. i like your picture and that polka dot dress. im glad your dress sense has improved

Janice Gillett said...

A little good goes a long way both for the animals and for a weary soul. Nothing like a surprise to fuel the spirit!!! So happy for you and lets hope next week brings another good deed by good people.

Liz Danes said...

Liz Great Dane care