Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The 4 Ponies arrive Home

Today Mei and I went to check out the home for Buster and all I can say is "forget Buster" I will move in instead! There is no doubt that he will be dearly loved and he will have a beautiful thoroughbred mare called Molly to mooch about with. Poor Molly is missing her companion dearly(he died recently) and it was obvious that she is pining for him so Busters arrival should give her a new interest in life. I love old buildings and the house was 400 years old, full of history and character, complete with walled garden and coach house hence my enthusiasm to relocate!
Oh well back to reality.

The 4 horses and ponies which were coming back to us were collected today and are now esconced in a couple of the back fields.Once again I attempted a video, this time I have uploaded it to Flickr for people to see. Heather and Paddy the black shetland ponies are mother and daughter(Paddy was just 2 weeks old when they were admitted here some years ago) The two chestnuts are Dids and Buster(he is the smaller of the two) We hope they will all find homes(in pairs) They have been well cared for in their loan home, Jan has been a wonderful carer but she has had to move to be near her elderly mother and the property has been sold.I know she is devastated at parting with them but unfortunatly circumstances can change in peoples lives and this was such a case. As you will see our fields are  very stony which is why we tend  to  only take native ponies which do well on this type of land. I spent two years moving stones from one of our lower fields and then the horses churn  the field up and more appear!
Mum Heather(with white noise) and Paddy are pictured here shortly after they arrived'home'.
Whilst we were in the area doing the homecheck we went to collect some boxes of goods from the Snowdon Railway in Llanberis.Over the years they accumulate unclaimed items from visitors and they have kindly passed them on to us for our charity shops. Its amazing what people lose and fail to claim but the shops will be glad of them.There was even a pair of Dolce and Gabbana glasses! I am sure someone will buy them for the frames alone. I did try them on but sadly they didn't suit me.

I need help with this blog/links/uploads etc.I failed to upload video yesterday and now I cant put in a link to the justgiving page for the marathon runner? Computers are great but understanding new things is something  I struggle with. Am I the only one? I refuse to accept it is an age thing! I was never quick at picking up anything(except boyfriends)even when I was young.Still at least I can use a computer. Sister Sandra refuses to even open hers claiming it is too frustrating. She could be right. Incidentally she is doing well after her operation and although still a little breathless is almost back to norrmal.

Nell collie acts as though she has lived with me all her life and my other dogs accept her totally, she will make someone a lovely pet, she is friendly and loving and clearly been in a happy home previously. I thgink 6 years is a good age for a dog, they arepast the
 chewing stage and easier to look after.Puppies are adorable but there is no doubt they are a lot of hard work.Give me a mature dog every time.

This past week every other telephone call seems to be from somebody moving to a rented property where the landlord refuses to allow pets. I know that many rental properties do come with an agreement not to allow pets but I also know from friends of mine that there ARE properties for rent where pets are  allowed so is it that hard to find such a property? I have no experience of this myself but would be interested to hear from those who have because at  the moment I am of the opinion that if you have a beloved pet you will   try that little bit harder to move somewhere suitable for both you and your pet(s).  Is this a correct assumption or am I being unfair?  I fail to understand why so many purchase animals when living in temporary rented accommodation, it is why I would question the permanence of any pet going to live with an owner living insuch a property. There  are always exceptions but it is a grey area and as such I try to be extra vigilant when rehoming our animals.

Below is the link to support Paul who is doing the Edinburgh marathon to support us: 
Edinburgh Marathon Fundraiser


Sue said...

Lovely video Lesley! I notice how silent you are LOL I would find it so hard to be near horses and not talk with them.....they must have thought something was wrong with you......only joking.
As for the question of looking for rented property that accepts pets, I totally agree. As you know I am hopefully going to be looking for a new house in a few months and for those I have already been looking at on line, I skip through the inside of the house as my main priority is finding a house with a big back garden for my future Freshfields adoptees. Its essential.

sallyhurst4u said...

Hey im ok with computers,Just grab me when im there and i will see what i can do.I cant find the just giving page you mentioned otherwise i would have already uploaded the link for you x