Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Why Morris takes so Long To Get Into His Stable

I had another go with the video, I think Im getting better at it but I will have to keep practising.Anyway this one is of some of the ponies having a bit of a play.The black pony is Freddy, the skewbald is his pal Ember (the ones which were returned after 6 years)and the little chestnut is Bobby (one of the once neglected Anglesey ponies)with Rocky in the background.Just before I arrived with the camera they had all been galloping around, of course as soon as I got there, all play stopped!Little tinkers!
Ps: video did not upload successfully. What am I doing wrong?
Yesterday we had visitors who are very keen on giving Big Buster a permanent home, Sophie the daughter was a volunteer here last year and so we sort of know the family but pending the homecheck later this week, I think Buster may just have found a great new home. He is a great favourite here with everyone but he is enormous and not many people are interested in taking on such a big horse so this is a wonderful chance for him.Having just lost a shire they are well used to having big horses around them and Buster will settle anywhere as long as there is equine company and copious amounts of food.
Mei and I were giggling yesterday at the antics of Morris the bay gelding we admitted last year.I know many dogs, especially the unneutered ones will stop at every lampost but I have never heard of a horse which does much the same.It takes Mei at least twentyminutes to get Morris in from the field into his stable.That is not because he walks slowly(he is arthritic) but because he likes to investigate every single  mound of horse poo he comes across on his way in. He zigzags from left to right and even goes back sometimes to re-inspect a particularly interesting Poo Pile.Its hilarious watching him .I cannot take a video of him because the action is so minimal it would send everyone to sleep!
I have heard from Jennys new people, all is well, Jenny travelled exceptionally well back to Essex and has made herself completely at home.That news made my day.Today we admitted a 6 years old collie whose owner has died and a young cross collie whose owner could not cope with her. Both are lovely natured dogs and should be easy enough to rehome. There is also a little Patterdale cross which Vanessa is fostering, at just 6 months he will not be with us for very long.
The cat side seems to be picking up, today a gentleman visited with the view to giving two or three cats a home, he has taken some photos of the cats he liked to show his wife and will be returning with her at the weekend.If he chooses three that would be brilliant, we will be able to take a few more cats in from the waiting list then.Karen who adopted Lenny and Sooty has  been in touch to say that the two cats are adapting well to their new surroundings which is lovely to hear.Send some photos Karen!
One of our most popular volunteers  we have at the shelter arrived today to help with the filing; Julia is popular because  she is  not only an extremely nice person who manages to  lick our filing into shape but even more importantly she always arrives with home made flapjacks which we office staff fall on greedily and demolish within minutes(well I do anyway!) Julia The Flapjack Lady is pictured here hard at work  and giving Billy a cuddle. (why hasn't he gone yet?)
I cannot remember if I mentioned the fact that someone has offered  us a water container and elecric pump for us to use when we have the next Big Freeze. I was chatting on the telephone to a man in Lampeter who was doing a homecheck for me and  he has offered us one .Andrew is setting up a Dog behavioural centre where people with unruly and badly behaved dogs  can stay for a weekend course,  He and his partner who are both animal behaviourists  have  only recently moved to the property  and they hope to have it up and running within the next  12 months (with my ill mannered dogs, I may well be  be his first client!)Well , during the chat I mentioned our water situation during the cold weather and that we needed to purchase a container etc and lo and behold he has one which he does not want. I could hardly believe my luck.He will have to arrange for it to be transported accross his field so we can collect it and that may not be for a month or so but as long as we can collect it before next winter that will be fine. That will save us more than a few pounds, they are not cheap!

Just a reminder -Paul who is doing the Edinburgh marathon for us still needs sponsors so I will put the link to his justgiving page on next blog.
If anyone can put up some dog walk posters in  and around Gwynedd please let me know and I am still looking for an artist to paint the outside of our cattery.There must be someone artistic nearby who could spare an hour or so.

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