Sunday, 27 March 2011

Big Buster Leaves For His New Home.

Big Buster has gone off to his loan home - I had to go in the house as could not bear to see him go!Harley and Vanessa spent an hour grooming him and picking out his feet ready for the move, even that brought a lump to my throat. I know he will be happy with his new friend Molly, the other horses do not seem to have even noticed his disappearance from the paddock - we always walk them down to the bottom of the track so the horses dont get upset watching a pal being loaded into an horsebox.Buster was not bonded with any one particular friend so  I had no qualms about him leaving the herd.
Have heard today about 4 horses in desperate need of somewhere to go permanently, its such a problem once owners have failing health or their circumstances change drastically. Unlike dogs and cats they are so costly and of course most have some sort of health problem themselves so  will not be wanted by people looking for a riding pony.2 are laminitic also which means they need someone to care for them who has some knowledge of this ; having seen their photographs I noticed  immediately that they are all overweight which if not the cause of their laminitis will certainly do nothing  to improve  the condition.
People from Liverpool came to see little Ellie the skinny terrier but their own male dog harassed her too much and although he is booked in to be neutered next week, they did nto feel they could cope with his behaviour, I dont think they really took to Ellie anyway.Its a shame, shes a little character but it is so important to place the right animal with everybody who visits otherwise they would ALL be returned.It is bad enough as it is, in spite of being super careful where our pets go, there  are still TOO MANY which fail to work out.
Speaking of which two more are waiting for places in foster homes. Cleo cross lab is being brought back because she wants to attack other dogs when she is on the lead(she is great at home) and Sally because her owner is moving to a flat! I am not saying these cases are not genuine especially Cleos case but I do feel that there are many people who give up when a problem first occurs and also some do not seem to look ahead to future plans and  therefore ask themselves whether a pet will then be unsuitable.  In my  own childhood (and adulthood)we had a few dogs which were far from perfect but they stayed with us for life.Sorry for repeating myself here, this just makes me fed up when it happens, it is so  bewildering for the animal.

Two kittens are reserved, pending the results of their FIV tests next week.,These are from the litter which the RSPCA were concerned about(and had no reason to be according to the Vet!) It will not be the end of the world if their tests are positive but it may lose them this particular home which would be a shame. .In the new spring newsletter  which will be produced shortly by the Liverpool shelter, there is a brilliant article about cats with FIV and I hope many will read it and realise these cats can still live a decent life and should not be destroyed when diagnosed unless they are in final stages  of Feline Aids and are suffering.
Sheba the gorgeous cross collie has quickly been adopted which is of no surprise, she is stunning , there were so many offers of homes for her.Billy Jack Russell is reserved, as is Champ another terrier but foster places now will have to be kept for the returnees which must have priority.
Mei has been in a lot of pain  with her wrist today and is hoping the hospital appointment will happen soon. After 2 years of suffering from this she has almost lost hope of it being sorted but she is expecting to hear within the next 3 weeks.Rosie has had her leg thingy op(cant bear to talk about it Im afraid.) and is on enforced rest which  is driving her crazy and she is hobbling on crutches round her  fields in order to exercise her dogs. I miss my fellow Freshfields book club member(theres only the 2 of us!) to discuss whats good and what isnt and lending each other interesting novels. It bores the hell out of the rest of the staff(except perhaps Veronica)
I have been to look at the badger sett but it does not appear to have been used lately and the old and now very stale peanut butter sandwhiches are still there.Shame, I would have loved to know the sett was still in use. What do people think about the imminent badger cull in Pembrokeshire? With all the research thats been done and no proof that badgers are the culprits spreading bovine TB and  in spite of last years appeal being won to prevent the cull, it has  now been given the go ahead.Heartbreaking! If anyone wants to add their voice to the protest please contact  the 'Save the Badger' website.
PS:  HH has once again been avidly searching my blog for comments about Himself; having found a couple he has paid a visit to his solicitior resulting in a letter sent to trustees of the charity and me accusing me of defamatory comments and the threat of suing me personally AND the Charity.What a charmer.
The truth clearly  Hurts!  I write only about factual events, like the time
when he screamed abuse at Mei when she walked the public footpath at the bottom of his land(she was searching for a missing cat) - he told her to  go away in the foulest way possible! Other members of staff have been verbally abused by him also , he has made derogatory remarks about the shelter,  called me to my face  a lonely old bag.(sticks and stones HH, sticks and stones!)Then there was the time he told the Fire Brigade  to go away (not that politely though). They had been  called out to rescue his neighbours old horse which had fallen in a ditch, not to mention his other run ins with neighbours( documented on police files) The only reason I have not taken matters any further is because I have better things to do and I did not want to drag myself down to his level.Even this space given to him is a waste of space but it is only right that people know what he is up to. This blog is mine, a personal diary, not the charitys and as such it is about me, my life , my feelings and opinions. It does not mean that the Charity share any of  same. and as far as I am aware this is still a democratic society and I have the freedom of speech!

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roy said...

HI Ley .Good news about food .I feel sorry for you having such an evil neighbour I had the misfortune to have someone similar as HH next door to me always threatening to take me to court but failing in her last attempt ,then she got put away as a mental case. I remember my conflict with HH and ,his sweet wife when they threatened me for walking the public footpath ,I reported him to the police that time and they said they were giving him a warning, whether they did I don,t know,