Thursday, 17 March 2011

Cats in Comfort and the Cattery has a Makeover..

I took these photos yesterday of some of the permanent residents. Big Ginge, who is now a very elderly ginger cat, always seems to find the cosiest spots to sleep and is inevitably snuggled up to several other cats. It is why I take so many photos of him and Harvey one eye who as you can see also likes to get himself really comfortable. Both he and Big Ginge were feral cats which have become domesticated over the years. Out of the ferals we have taken in, about half have lost their wildness but the others remain untoucheable. I have no idea why some stay like that, it is mystery to which I will probably never have the answer.

I had to take new cat Cuddles to the vet today as she seemed to have had some sort of fit, by the time I arrived there she was almost back to normal but her heart was racing and she did seem a little wobbly still. After an examination noithing was found, she has not got a heart murmer but she has had some blood tests and we will soon see if there is anything underlying wrong with her.Although the change of her cirumstances from losing her owner to arriving at a rescue cattery made her admittance to the shelter a traumatic one, she was enjoying the attention at the Vets and was purring the whole time.

The dogs have recovered from their spaying/neutering operations and the 6 cats which went in today for the same op are back also though they are still a bit groggy at the moment. Now they are all ready to be adopted so Bring on The Visitors! I have a good feeling about next weekend!

Cuddles deteriorated overnight and Rhian has taken her to the vet today.She is on a drip with suspected feline meningitis! This a first for me ,.I dont recall ever having a cat diagnosed with this before. Clearly she was unwell before she came here and I suspect the trauma of the move probably kick started something internally.Fingers crossed for her.

Supporters Lynette and her husband arrived to visit from Shropshire (Lyneete homechecks for me in that area)and they brought with them their own cats(freshfields cats of course) old scratching post/play center. Our ferals loved it , they started investigating the new toy immediately and thoroughly enjoyed themselves jumping up and down and using the scratching post(until it fell down!)See the video on Flickr of them shortly after it was installed.

It has been a lovely sunny day here and the opportunity was taken to paint the outside of the kennels and cattery again, it gets so scruffy looking after a while.We also had new signs for two of the buildings so after John and new helper Jason had painted the exterior, they fixed on the new signs. Jason pictured here admiring his handiwork! Now we need someone artistic who is willing to volunteer to paint animal footprints and a mural type scene of animals on the side of another building(the old kennels). I want to "tart" them up to improve the overall look of the site. is there anyone out there who could do this for us? It could make a real difference to the general appearance of the old and it has to be admitted shabby buildings. The trouble with nice weather is that everywhere looks as though it needs revamping, so you start with one area and then that shows up everywhere else, it has a knock on effect.

This weekend I will be doing the publicity posters for the forthcoming Easter Fair at the Royal Sportsman Hotel in Porthmadog , I have just finished the Sponsored dog Walk ones and the sponsor forms for that, so will be distributing those in the next week or so. Mion has telephoned me with dates for the various stalls she and Elspeth will be having at local Fairs and shows, last year they raised over £3,000 doing these stalls;they work really hard doing these and I cant begin to tell them how grateful I am. I appreciate everyones help, no matter how big or small, every penny counts.

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Karen Langridge said...

Just checking your opening hours for visits is still 10:30 for this Sunday, we have the use of my mums car and have bought a bed, cat litter, a tray, toys, a brush, a bowl, do I need to buy a collar? I can't wait to bring the boys to meet their potential new cat! :) Am really enjoying reading your blog and check for updates everyday!