Saturday, 9 August 2008

We lose Judy and a ferret needs a home

We lost the fight for Judy, the grey mare from the Anglesey ponies.I had been thinking the past week that it was her time but when she suffered a prolapsed rectum yesterday, this served to bring the decision forward.She had been through enough and was not showing signs of improvement.Her poor crippled legs were not getting any better even with regular farrier work, there comes a time when enough is enough.We all felt angry that such a young pony should end up like this, all because of the arrogance and obstinacy of one woman who thought she knew best! The suffering she caused to these ponies is beyond belief, to rescue them in the first place only to put them through this - unbelievable.
Shane , one of the others has more abscesses in his feet so his feet are being treated and padded out each day.The remaining 4 are continuinmg to show great signs of improvement.Also Tanya the old chestnut mare who arrived the same week is improving though not yet able to leave her stable.
6 baby bunnies arrived today, that now makes a total of 13 rabbits we need homes for! A worrying situation, must advertise them next week.
Roy from the Caernarfon shop still has his ferret which we now have had neutered, he would love to keep him but feels he needs to be with other ferrets and he could not cope with the care of them for any length of time.If no home pops up here then he is on the waiting list to go to the Liverpool shelter though I hate to overload them when they are so full of animals.
I have just listened to a message on the answerphone which was so hard to understand i was unable to make out what it was the person wanted rescuing, i could not even make out the phone number, answerphones are useful but are not always clear and if people speak in a low voice its almost impossible to decipher the message. It reminded me of another call which did get through but was equally as confusing.Some years ago when I was in LIverpool,Ann a former trustee of the charity and I were in the office and I answered a call from a distressed lady who needed help.This lady had an animal in her garden and wanted us to go and get it as she was too nervous to venture into her garden whilst it was there. When I asked her what it was she said she did not know so I asked her to describe it. Well, she said, it was about a foot long, the colour of a house brick(red?) had a pointed face, enormous upright ears and long thin back legs like an insect with which
it hopped over her wall! Im sorry to say I collapsed in hysterical giggles and had to pass the phone on to Ann who was also convulsed with laughter.She managed to find out the ladys address and we were about to pay a visit to her when she told us that she saw the creature a week earlier and had not seen it since!! We never did find out what it was but I hope the poor woman overcame her fear and managed to enjoy her garden once more.
Its incidents like the one just mentioned that keep animal welfare people sane, we need relief from the more unpleasant occurrences. When I feel low nowadays I think back to things that have happened which made me laugh and soon I start giggling at some of the absurdities in life.One of the funniest happened when I was with my friend Diane, at a nightclub on Merseyside, however I have to stop here as she would never forgive me should I recount the tale in my blog but suffice it to say that even all these years later it still brings a smile to my face.Thanks Diane!
It is torrential rain today so we are bringing some of the older horses into their stables, the dogs and cats simply decided they did not want to venture outside so all is quiet this afternoon.

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