Saturday, 16 August 2008

An update on Celt , our orphaned foal.

I Have just received the above photo of Celt our orphaned foal, I cant believe how much he has grown.He is still with his foster mum in Anglesey and will be until he is weaned around November.He will then be returned to the shelter as will our other foal Shamrock.The two will keep each other company until they are found homes.
It has been raining incessantly all day today, none of the animals have enjoyed being out,Molly the Great Dane takes one look at this kind of weather and I can almost hear her thinking "you surely dont expect ME to go outside in this!"She gets as far as the door . sees the rain and rushes back to the warmth of her bed.The little dogs have more sense of adventure, at least they venture outdoors albeit for a short time.I cant say I blame Moll, its pretty grim at the moment, is this the onset of winter?
Just one little adult cat went today, a pretty little tortoishell with a sweet nature, we have some lovely cats at the moment, all we need are the visitors.The kittens are growing rapidly,it wont be long before they lose their kitten appeal, each year we end up with some reaching adulthood here, then we have them spayed and they move into the main cattery for rehoming.Sometimes it takes that long to find them homes and I hate to think of them spending their kittenhood here at the shelter when they could be in a lovely home.
Today was the day of the open day at Criccieth, I hope it was successful, not the nicest of days unfortunately.It is so disheartening for people when they put so much effort into helping their chosen charity and in this case Freshfields.I really appreciate such support, this past year there have been some very nice people offering to help the shelter, it takes a few years for word to get around that there is a new animal shelter in the area but we finally seem to be getting the word act
I think the Yorkies will have to stay,I have had their ages confirmed.Maggie is 20ys old and Martha 21 Years.Incredible ages but they are too old to have another move,it would not be fair to them at this stage of their lives so unless I am offered a suitable home for them very quickly they will settle and it would be unkind to uproot them again.I really did not want to take on any more permanent dogs, especially as I am soon going away for 2 weeks but Mei will be here to look after them and the other animals.My passport is to be delivered by courier on Tuesday so that is a great relief.

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