Wednesday, 13 August 2008

More cats, kittens and 2 dogs.

The 2 yorkshire terriers have arrived. After agreeing to take them, nobody called me back to make arrangements but the owners daughter walked into our shop in Machynlleth to say they could not bring them to the shelter.Elinor, who runs the shop with Jennifer, arranged for them to go into a foster home and I collected them on Monday.Barry, who is now hopefully well on the way to recovery from his stroke a few months ago, came with me as we also wanted to look at a possible charity shop in Barmouth. The shop was promising though no firm decision made yet but we returned to North Wales with 2 dogs, 5 kittens and an adult cat! Both litters of kittens were abandoned, the adult is part feral unfortunately so a farm home is needed for her and they are so thin on the ground, most farms already have their quota of cats.
Maggie and Martha the Yorkies are dear sweet natured little dogs who seem used to other dogs and to cats though there seems to be discrepancy with their ages.I was originally told they were 20 and 21 years, Elinor was told they were 9 and 10 but the owners told the foster people the dogs were 19 years and 20 years! *I have been unable to contact them to find out which is correct, nor did they leave any written information, I have no idea if they are spayed, what they like to eat(although they appear to eat anything put in front of them) where they are used to sleeping etc.
As it is One prefers to sleep alone on a chair, the other is more clingy and likes to cuddle up to me on the sofa with the other animals. I dont know which is Maggie and which is Martha though they both respond more to Maggie!
This afternoon someone turned up with a mother cat and her 8 weeks old kitten which he had taken off a neighbour whose children were mishandling them.Rhian went to collect a beautiful grey and white stray cat which looks suspiciously like one of our own rehomed cats though there was no microchip.We are wondering if it was a kitten of ours as we dont microchip the very young ones when they go out to homes. We are checking our records to see if a kitten this colour was rehomed to the area this was found. Another person turned up with a cat taken from a person whose cat had killed their hamster(surely few cats would not do this if given the chance?)The owner threatened to kill the cat if it wasnt taken away immediately - of course no responsibility was taken for the hamster being in the a situation of vulnerability, I know who I feel is most guilty and it is certainly not the cat.Poor little hamster deserved better care.
My passport still has not arrived but after ringing the office I am told that it is being processed and will be with me in the next week. I hope so, I am flying to Peru on 29th of this month so it doesnt leave much time. I dont know which worries me most, being away for 2 weeks or seeing the strays in Peru. Probably the strays, I have been in contact with someone who helps the strays out there and hope to meet up with him in Lima to pass on some wormers and vet products which will be useful to them.

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roy said...

Hi Lesley, Do you think you are doing a wise thing going to Peru ,I wonder, knowing how upset and depressed you get when you witness cruelty to animals .And apparently there is a lot of it there. ROY.