Sunday, 10 August 2008

We have visitors from Liverpool

It has been a very quiet weekend which is just as well because our regular Sunday volunteers were all unable to come today so work took a long time to finish.Fortunately, late morning, Helen our Liverpool manager and her partner came to visit the shelter and both mucked in to help.During the afternoon we had a cat returned which had been rehomed in March. An allergy was the reason given but as the same people returned another cat to us just a week after they took her, I have serious doubts about this! Some people should not have pets.It is so hard to judge total strangers, home checks do not always throw up warning signs at the time and even my highly developed intuition(gained over many years of rehomimg animals)can let me down from time to time. It would be nice to think that anyone who wanted a pet was decent and an animal lover but it is just not the case.
Macy, the returned cat was destined not to stay with us for long, just an hour later she was chosen by a nice family from Criccieth who decided to take her and another of our adult cats.Lucky little Macy.
Someone turned up with a dog they had found last night, a nice dog part collie, part german shepherd I think.As usual no Id, its sometimes easy to tell a genuine stray/abandoned dog due to their condition.This one is borderline, he is neutered which may be a good sign but his coat is scurfy and dull so its anyones guess if he will be claimed.Another part time resident for Rosie.She will keep him a week to see if he is claimed, then we can start to advertise him for a home.
Well, no sooner had I written the above paragraph when the owner of the dog rang so he will be a very short stay dog.It seems he is from a rescue centre and has been very neglected, hence his somewhat dishevelled appearance.Its good to know he will be reunited with his new owners though I will have to tell them off for not having a name and address tag on him!
The baby rabbits seem almost wild, they have not been handled much so need some work doing with them to make them more used to people.
Last night we had to call out the vet to Noddy the little old shetland pony, he was coughing and his breathing was very laboured.Mei and I were worried he had an obtruction in his throat so after he had not improved in an hour we asked the vet to call out - sods law, by the time he arrived Noddy was fine and munching away happily at his hay.Still, with his great age I would rather be safe than sorry.

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