Sunday, 3 August 2008

Dylan is taken for a walk and a home for 2 ponies.

Meirwen has taken Dylan the coloured pony, out for a walk, he is a lot better now he has lost some weight, his laminitis is clearing up but he is very lazy and unlike some of the other ponies who race round the field when they are let out,Dylan is more interested in what there is to eat.(pictured above returning from their walk)
It looks like we have a home for Pepsi and Caspar, the welsh ponies who have been with us since they were 10 months.They are now six years old. I will be checking out a home next thursday but hopefully it will be successful and the ponies will find a permanent home(pictured above)
Stevie is still unwell though is drinking and showing a little interest in food though not eating enough.If he is no better tomorrow I am taking him back to the vet for another examination.I feel so helpless watching him trying to keep his balance and of course his blindness makes it that much more bewildering for him.
I have just been interrupted by the most almighty screeching noise, thinking a bird had been caught by one of the cats I rushed out and it was a buzzard circling overhead. There are several buzzards nesting in the vicinity of the shelter and I worry about the old frail cats but apart from one which vanished mysteriously a few years ago, the birds do not generally seem to come close to the house and yard.
Just one kitten has been homed today and Seren a 14 years old black female who has been here quite a while, Im so pleased for her and hope she settles in with the other old cat in her new home. I think I will place an advert in the local paper this week to try and summon some more interest in our cats.

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