Tuesday, 19 August 2008

The little ponies enjoy their new stable

This incessant rain has caused the trickle of water which snakes its way through our side fields to become a rushing river.Thank heavens we had some ditches dug last year or our yard would be flooded - on the way out to buy catfood this morning I drove past a field and idly thought to myself that I had not noticed there was a lake there! Then suddenly realised it was a field completely under water, I hope any grazing animals had been moved.
The papers today are full of the local farmer charged with neglecting his livestock, he received a 16 months sentence but as far as I can make out the sentence was for attacking an rspca inspector and for jumping bail on his last court date.So much for the animal welfare issue!At least he has been banned from keeping animals though when that ever stopped anyone Id like to know.In his defence it was said he had never had any problems for 40 years, well, when I moved here 6 years ago I was told about him, seems he is well known for his bad husbandry and 3 of my staff have seen dead animals lying in his fields.At least now he has paid a price for his neglect though i dont know why people like him get away with it for so long.I know several people who have made complaints about him over the years and yet only now does he get his day in court.
Yippee, my passport has finally arived though I must say I didnt feel quite so cheerful when I looked at the photo within!!! Not a pretty sight.
Im having an early night tonight as tomorrow means a journey to Liverpool for our monthly Trustee meeting, at least the day will be spent warm and dry.The only creatures here enjoying this vile weather are Donald and Dennis the Aylesbury ducks who seem destined to stay.Maybe I willhave to build them something suitable, I thought they would only be here a short time so it was not necessary but everybody who enquires after them has female ducks and are adamant they will not take on males.I cant blame them, they can be a nuisance where females are concerned.
Most of the horses are now rugged and coming in at night except the hardier ones who use the field shelters(as good as stables)The littlest shetlands are thrilled with their new stable , for the first time ever they can see over their stable door.Pictured above from left to right, Maggie,Noddy and Connie.

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