Saturday, 23 August 2008

Homes for kittens at last.

Hallelujah - 3 kittens have been rehomed, what a relief that people are starting to show interest again.Its great to think that these three will be spending this weekend in a real home with lots of attention and love.3 down 47 to go! Oh and one is on its way in so that takes it up to 48 . This kitten is coming in because the children of the family are terrified of animals and thinking a kitten would help get rid of their fear the parents brought one into the household.Unfortunately it not only failed to allay their fear, they have stayed in their bedrooms for most of the time, too scared to be in the same room as the kitten. How sad that children like this will never know the joy a pet can bring, I wonder why they are like this, apparently neither parent has such a phobia.
One of the Freshfields trustees, Sean is giving a home to the 6 young rabbits we have so that means there will be just the adults to rehome. One of the young Lionhead buns has had some teeth removed but is managing well with her food and one of the others is still being treated for Glaucoma but is too frail for an operation at the moment.I cant help wonder if they will be here for life.Its hard to rehome rabbits but those with problems make it that bit harder to find people willing to take them on.
Kia,(pictured above) the dog Rosie is fostering is a lovely natured animal, half collie and half german shepherd, she has the attributes of both, she loves to play with a ball and with other dogs but is loyal and devoted to the person who cares for her.Hopefully she will not be long at her foster home.Little Charlie the terrier is still needing a home, he almost had one yesterday with a very nice family until he showed signs of aggression towards their grandson.Now we know he is not suitable to be around children it limits his suitability for many homes which could be offered.Its such a shame because we are all very fond of him, he is a lovely little dog, lots of character and very affectionate and loving.Of course we have no knowledge of his background and often dogs are tormented by youngsters leaving them with a dislike of anyone who may remind them of unhappier times.
The Peru trip is getting closer and closer, only 6 days before I leave, I havent made my target which is disappointing but its time now to concentrate on getting organised to go. I am not sleeping much, worried about leaving the animals, worried about what Im going to see out there in such a poor country, worried that I wont be fit enough for the trek, in fact worried about just about everything.I would love to be the sort of person who can go to bed, hit the pillow and fall into a deep sleep.I cant remember the last time I had a full nights sleep and woke feeling refreshed.

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