Tuesday, 5 August 2008

A nicer picture of Charlie.

Stevie, the blind tabby is a lot better today, his middle ear infection seems to be under control and he is managing to sit up straight without losing his balance.His appetite is improving also so I think we are over the worst.
Tilly the new collie has been rehomed already, she is going to be spayed on friday and will be able to recuperate in a nice home rather than a kennel.Nobody yet has taken to little Charlie, once he goes Rosie will foster 2 more collies awaiting a place, unwanted farm dogs again. In the next week I am giving a home to 2 middle aged yorkies whose owners are moving and cant take the dogs with them! They could not be bothered to bring them here so am having to collect them from a foster home in machynlleth area which has been arranged by Elinor who runs our shop there.
.Their daughter contacted me about them, the owners themselves have not bothered to speak to me, enquire as to what I will do with them, where they will be living etc.I find this incomprehensible . After 10 years how could there be so little interes in their future welfare? They can live in the house with my other old yorkie but if anybody is interested in these two girls and can offer a good home I will be happy to do what is best for them.Mind you, I said that about
the last 2 yorkies Suzy and Lucy who were 13 yrs and 14 yrs but there were no takers and I still have Suzy who is now coming up to 15 years of age. What will be will be as the song goes.
There is a brilliant sunset here, the views from the shelter looking across to the sea are quiet spectacular,the evenings are very peaceful and quiet in sharp contrast to the daytime when it can be very busy and bustling with people coming and going.It is nowhere near as hectic as the Liverpool shelter and we have very quiet days when we dont see any visitors but I have become unused to the fastness of activity there, having settled in to the more relaxed way of life in Wales.When I first moved here it would irritate me immensely when I would be stuck behind a vehicle whose driver had pulled up to chat to another driver with total disregard for me who was rushing to get somewhere.Now I find myself doing exactly the same thing!!

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