Saturday, 4 December 2010

The Thaw sets in

This is only a short blog as I have been out most of the day and am very tired from breaking ice ready for the horses to come in for the evening.Mei and I were so worried they would slip and break a leg but managed to break it up enough for it to be safer .As I write this, a days rain has almost cleared the snow but our track and yard is still very bad, its now like an ice rinkl At least we can now access the water butts to give the horses water but there is none in the house and still no running water anywhere so it may be that the water pump(bought only last year) is now broken due to the water freezing and the pump left switched on for at least half a day after the frost. It looks like we need to purchase a water tank and water pump ready for the next big freeze, that way at least we can pump it up from the stream instead of doing it manually which is just too big a job. I estimate it costing around £500, a lot cheaper than renting one ready filled. In the meantime I will have to replace the water pump for the mains water.More unwanted ,albeit necessary ,expense.
I collected the collie which turned out to be a springer spaniel crossed with a collie.Millie is a lovely dog and was so good in the car, which incidentally I managed to drive down the slippy track with no accidents.Amazing.
Millie shown above.Have also posted the last (I hope) of the 2010 snow photos.Chloe and Jacob sheep, the three sheep. Bobby shetland,the Bird Tree which is the bane of Meirwens life! a view of the lane leading to the shelter(taken from the car I was driving and before anyone gasps at my audacity driving and taking photos at the same time - the car was stationary)
The xmas fair raised just over £400, a bit less than usual but at this time of year I am glad of anything extra to help pay bills. Thanks Trisha for organising that one.Trish handed me a note someone had passed to her with details of a dachsund needing a home.I love dachsunds but no more dogs for me now.I am going to try hard not to accumulate any more than the four I have now. I have had years of having numerous dogs and I would like a little more peace in the house nowadays. Of course I will always give room to an extra one or two urgent cases and Kitchen Meg needs company anyway but it will only be temporary.
There are lots of enquiries about Anya the Tibetan terrier so in the morning I need to try and sort out the most suitable home for her.

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