Sunday, 26 December 2010

Paddys first day at the beach

It has been a very quiet Christmas I am pleased to say . Most pets were abandoned or discarded as usual the month leading up to the festive period.
Will people ever understand how cruel they are?What astounded me was the blatancy of the requests to take pets away due to the imminent holiday.There was no embarassment or even an attempt to disguise the truth with many. It was almost as though it was completely acceptable to discard ones pets before Christmas! I would have thought and hoped that with all the publicity over the years people were now more aware of the wrongs of doing this? Apparently not. How disheartening.
I had several calls on Christmas Eve from members of the public concerned about horses starving in snow covered fields and unfortunately nobody seemed able to get through to the main welfare societies. The best I could do with most was to give advice on how to trace the owners of the animals but was able to check on one case myself and find a friend to check on another. I heard back from one concerned person in Anglesey who had in fact managed to trace the owner of the horses about which he was worried ;in spite of this he remains bothered enough to keep watch over them to ensure they are being fed and watered.Thank goodness for people like him. I am waiting for news on the horses in the Pwllheli area which cat fosterer Dani is going to check out today . The other was not as bad as it seemed and people were going to feed them daily. I hope the Pwllheli ones are being cared for adequately and am waiting anxiously to hear if further action needs to be taken.

The owners of the terrier turned up after a friend of theirs saw him here at the shelter and told them their missing dog was here . I had already found a prospective home for Pippin and when they knew that was the case,they admitted they had made no attempt to find the dog and did not really want her back! I was unsurprised, after all she was not wearing a collar nor had she been microchipped .The very fact she had not been reported missing for 9 days in this terribly cold weather was in itself indicative of the uncaring attitude of the owners. I am pleased she will be going to a home where she will be loved and cared for - she is being collected on Tuesday by a family who have had a Freshfields dog for 15 years. Although I have problems remembering all the animals which pass through the shelter I remember their dog because he was featured in a local newspaper in Liverpool after being rescued by Coastguards from the River Mersey. As with all unusual or traumatic cases it stuck in my mind. I am looking forward to seeing the old newspaper cutting which they have promised to bring to show me.

The British Blue cat is pregnant! That makes it even worse to think that she had been scavenging to survive all these weeks.Well she is now being fostered by a nice couple who live in Anglesey and will be joining their 5 cats until her kittens are born and weaned, at which time we will take them back here and arrange to have mum spayed. If she gets on well with their cats they will keep her so here's hoping! That would be a lovely outcome for her.

On Xmas Day I took my three dogs to Dinas Dinlle Beach and they had a wonderful time, Patch JR was a bt naughty and kept running off to explore but Paddy and Meg stayed close at all times. It was a beautiful day, bright and crisp and the views of the mountains stunning. It was a bit cramped for Paddy on the back seat but his made to measure ramp has yet to be covered with a non slip material so I could not get him in the back of the truck. Next time maybe.

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