Monday, 6 December 2010

I am pulled up by the Police!

What did I say about the thaw setting in? Its as bad as ever today, Dave and Harley(one of our people on a government back to work scheme)have spent hours breaking up ice to make the yard less slippy, the car stalled halfway up our track even in 4 wheel drive! Its lethal. We have had to scatter the old straw and manure all over the area round the stables and the bit leading to the fields so it looks a real mess but its safer and less slippy for the horses and thats all that matters at the moment. We are unable to use the top fields as getting the horses to them would be far too dangerous. Still no water unfortunately, thank goodness for the stream which runs through the fields at the botttom of the property and for the water butts though today we could not break the ice in these. Its no fun believe me. When is it going to end?
We are just not used to this weather are we? I wonder what its like in Canada at Jans Pig Sanctuary. Does being prepared make it any easier I wonder? Our own pigwigs seem to be doing OK, they seldom come outside, preferring to snuggle down into their warm beds. I went to check on them earlier and it looked so cosy I was tempted to crawl in with them, however their grunts of displeasure dissuaded me pretty quickly. Its a shame they were never handled much, they still remain very nervous of humans, not that they have ever been mistreated but just not had the time spent with them to socialise them. Incidentally the other pig I was expecting to arrive never did. She will be safe where she is but I will ring again though it would be best now to wait to bring her in during spring.
4 dear little pups were admitted today, they were supposed to be 12 weeks old, they are in fact 5 months of age and almost full grown. They are a mix of West Highland terrier and Jack Russell.(see above) This was the only way I could take a photo, they are such live wires and never stay still.There are people interested in them already, It doesn't surprise me, so many people want small dogs, they are always popular as family pets. Anya the Tibetan Terrier went today to a home in Derbyshire and we are waiting for the weather to change for a gentleman from Scotland where the snow has been really heavy, he is coming for Rocco in the next week(all being well and if the snow eases off a little) Rosie has been fostering him for a few weeks now and will be glad to see him settled somewhere permanently.
It is very very busy on the telephone, so many requests to take pets,it can be overwhelming. We have yet to find homes for our Rabbit and Guinea pig and today I have been asked to take an entire family of guinea pigs - mum and dad and (4) 6 weeks old babies. At the moment I cannot think of where they could go so will sleep on it and get back to them in the morning hopefully with a solution. They are going away in the next week and need to find homes urgently. The trouble is that everybody sees their own problem as the most urgent but there are dozens and as always priority has to be given to those most in danger. Once again I am asking myself why people fail to realise that animals breed if there is a male and a female. I do think however that many petshops and individuals also, often sell pets without really being sure of the sexes.
Yesterday I braved the slippery track to go out to buy catfood, no delivery van is going to make it here at the moment. I filled the car as much as I was able, collected a dog ramp I have had made for Paddy (and any other old or sick dogs which cannot jump in and out my car) so was on my way home when I was pulled up by the police and breathalysed! Needless to say I passed it but rather than be annoyed I am glad such random checks are in place. The roads are bad enough in winter but with drunken drivers they can be dangerous places to be. Shame they wasted their time on little old tea total me! Actually I do drink occasionally(very occasionally) though prefer a cup of tea anytime.
The dog ramp has been made very sturdy to take the weight of any size dogs , most of those on sale in shops seem to be flimsy and I cannot even imagine taking the weight of a labrador sized dog never mind a huge chap like Paddy. Its the same with dog coats and beds. I look at the extra large and even they are too small for him. I am waiting for his made to measure day coat to arrive and he has to have 2 extra large dog beds placed side by side to support his large frame. Poor old Paddywack is very nervous of going out whilst the ground is so slippy and I am equally nervous that he will fall and hurt himself. With his vertebra fused any jolt or trauma could exascerbate his problem so I lead him to where we have spread sand to help us make our way round the animal pens and slowly we make our way to the nearest field where he potters round gingerly. We must look like two geriatrics walking at a snails pace and hanging on to each other for dear life.AND NO RUDE COMMENTS ABOUT THAT PLEASE! Its not much fun for the dogs (or me)when it is like this but I prefer them to take it easy than risk broken bones.
Most of the horses have been kept in for safety reasons, its snowing again as I type this, at least the snow is easier to walk on.
Pictured also are Mei with Jess a 2 years old cross labrador who is on her way to Rosies for fostering. Jess is nervous of strangers and we had a terrible scare when she slipped her collar and ran off, thankfully she was seen and caught by one of our(nice) neighbours Julia. What a relief that was.
Veronica made it in today and made the arduous trek through the fields to get to the office(this is where trekking poles come in handy) and later on once again she took advantage of other peoples transport, and who can blame her. She cadged a lift down to her vehicle with Mr Roberts who was delivering horse feed in his four wheel drive - its getting to be a bit of a habit with Veronica, I rather think she enjoys being escorted in this way.


Janice Gillett said...

Indeed the cold weather is brutal on the caregiver no mater how hard you try and prepare. And your never prepared enough. I have a huge plastic tub that i thought i might set under the drain spout off the house to catch rain water. I could set in a pond heater and then be able to sue the water when houses and pipes are frozen.. the pond heater blew a breaker when i put it in the pond so that's not going to work. And for now i don't have to worry about it as the rain is back and everything is thawed again. And so here comes the mud and we moved 80 yards of gravel but ran out of time to get in the bark mulch. So now it is what it is .. So smashing ice out of water tubs is exhausting at best when there are over 20 of them. Then add 20 trips to the house with a pail to fill them ..and then only then can you feed after. So i don 't have to do that in the rain.. but with it comes a whole new set of problems only adding to the regular work load.

lesley said...

I hope your pigs are all ok Jan, and you of course . I know you of all people understand the problems bad weather brings to us .Its no joke is it.Good luck, often think of you and your piggy family.

lesley said...
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