Thursday, 30 December 2010

Pwty is Happy to be Back.from the Vet.Surgery

The ongoing saga of what to do about Taz the young German Shepherd with behavioural problems continues. Things have become desperate and Dermot and Sue are at the end of their tether.It has become so bad with her trying to get at their cats that they have been forced to place the two cats in a catttery until Taz goes. Of course we take responsibility and will take her back but she really needs to be somewhere with an experienced dog handler in order to continue her training. It is a very sad business and this nice couple are devastated at having to part with her after they have put so much time and effort into her, I know they will be broken hearted when she goes but the cat situation is untenable. Anyhow I put out a Nationwide appeal for help on the internet and have been contacted by Kat who is a German Shepherd Rescue volunteer . Her society is run by a lady called Jayne and they are trying to find a place for her in Nuneaton. I hope to have news today.
We have 5 feral cats coming in . We seldom admit these cats, preferring to neuter and release but this small colony in Anglesey were in danger of being rounded up and killed, they have been fostered by Ann(wildlife lady) over Christmas and Rhian has gone to collect them today. We urgently need to find some farm type homes for some of our ferals, the enclosure is really full now . Occasionally one or two manage to run past us and escape when we are feeding them but they all return by the evening and are waiting to get back in.
One of the cats I have in the house has been ill and is suffering from a middle ear infection. I have two cats in the house, Holly the tortie with no ears and one eye who keeps me company every night, she snuggles up in my arms and falls asleep purring away.I am so used to the noise now I sleep through it. Then there is Pwty another tortoishell whose owner died about a year ago and whose grumpy nature prevented me from finding her a home, she is now 13 years of age and still grumpy so prefers to spend most of her time in the bedroom where it is quiet and dog free. Her infection is being treated by the vet and she also is in need of a dental so will have to return for that operation next week. I picked her up from the surgery this afternoon and I think in her own way she was glad to see me , well at least she didn't bite me!
PS: I went to take a photo of her for todays blog and guess what - she bit me! I thought she was being too nice, it never lasts.
I have been in touch via email with a lady who has cats from us and she had expressed interest in having a dog so we introduced her and her family to Cleo a 4 years old labrador cross Mastiff and it was love all round. Cleo was one of those dogs we all knew would not be homeless for long, she is everybodys dream dog, gentle, affectionate, well behaved and loves everybody and everything. I wish I had such a dog, mine have all been rather like me - chaotic and volatile.(they say dogs become like their owners) Cleo was taken in to our Machynlleth shop by her owners who no longer wanted her. Their loss is most definitely someone elses gain.
Generally though ,there have been very few enquiries about homing pets,I thought once Xmas was over we would be deluged by visitors but perhaps people are wanting New Year to be over before they search for new pets to join the family. Therefore I am living in hope that there will be a queue of people waiting to adopt pets on 1st january.
Thursday 7 pm:
We had to call the Vet out tonight as Titch one of our elderly shetland ponies was on his way in to his stable when he started to wobble and began fitting. His convulsions got worse and he was dangerously near collapsing against the rugged stone wall - worried that he was going to smash his thrashing head on the stone wall I had Mei bring up some horse rugs to cushion his body. Shortly after we positioned the rugs he collapsed against them and whilst Mei was getting the rest of the horses in for the night, I held his head to prevent a possible injury and after a while the violent fit ended.By the time Dafydd the vet arrived Mei had managed to getTitch back to his stable where he was given a sedative. This could be a one off but as with Grandad it is often the start of more such episodes.Time will tell but for now he is resting and settled in his stable.

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