Friday, 3 December 2010

Still No Water and Ross makes a Break for Freedom

As I had anticipated the Fair was a total washout, only a few ardent supporters turned out most of which were made up of Meis family. I dont know how we did it but we raised £280(including a very welcome £50 cheque) so it made it worthwhile anyway.That is a weeks cat food paid for.The streets were pretty clear of snow or ice and the sun came out so I thought we might attract more people but it was not to be. Oh well we tried and it was mainly profit as the hall was so cheap. The fair in Porthmadog is tomorrow, I will be popping in but only for a short while as I have to collect another collie which has been abandoned by his owner and I have no idea at this moment what staff will turn up if this snow continues.
Its snowing on and off all day today and my car is still on the track from when I returned yesterday.Vanessas boyfriend put it in four wheel drive for me but I did not make it up to the house. He has gone to drive it up for me. The cats outside have either heating in their sheds or heatpads and somehow we have mislaid a couple so unless anyone has a spare one or two of these microwaveable pads from Snugglesafe , I need to order a few more. They last for twelve hours so it keeps them warm and cosy. Even the ferals feel the cold and they are used to living rough in outbuildings though they are more cossetted than most feral cats.Ours have beds and blankets and heating in some sheds. Not exactly roughing it!
This is the fourth day we have had no running water and all day Vanessa and Dave have been backwards and forwards from the stream filling water containers.As this is at the bottom of our lethally slippy track it is no easy job. As quickly as they fill the horses troughs they are empty again. Its a no win situation. I have made some enquiries today to a firm which rents out water tanks(didn't even know such a company existed) for emergency use and if this isn't an emergency I dont know what is.I am waiting for them to call back. I can just about cope with being grubby and smelly and no cleaning facilities but the animals need their water.
As if the day wasn't hard enough, Ross decided to make a break for it when he was being put in his field, unfortunately someone had left the bottom gate open so he trotted off towards the village with everyone, including me in hot pursuit. Finally Vanessa caught up with him and is shown here leading him back. Considering he is in his thirties now, he is not without energy and enthusiasm for an occasional mischievous venture into the world beyond Freshfields.
If we are fed up with the weather and the problems it causes the diogs ahve no such misgivings, they absolutely love it. - pictured are Paddy (with wildly flapping jowls) , Meg and Timmy enjoying themselves with a run about.Paddy is now developing more muscle tone with the exercise he is having and is such a happy dog.I have also discovered that unlike poor Molly who ran a mile if a stranger appeared, Paddy is an excellent guard dog and is happy to let visitors know that this is HIS home and you may only enter if mum tells him it is ok . That suits me fine, it makes me feel a lot safer here.
Also pictured are the poor cats which were literally left out in the cold whilst their owner swanned off to sunny Australia.They are scared as you can see but seem gentle cats who should be nice family pets.
The company with water tanks has just rung back, £1200!!!!!! Impossible, we simply don't have that to spare at the moment. We will just have to carry on hauling it up slowly from the stream.What a nightmare.Rural living is great in the summer but when winter causes so many problems I long for life in a warm climate.
PS: I made an error describing the mountains in the previous blog, Mount Snowdon was not visible on that photo . I do apologise and my only excuse is that I asked two local people Mei and Gronwey and THEY told me it was Snowdon. In fact Snowdon is almost hidden behind the two shown.Apologies to all and thanks Rick for putting me right.

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