Sunday, 19 December 2010

Icicles on The Conservatory!

Roys rescue of the cat in the engine was a success though he struggled for about half an hour to free her, she was wedged in tight and very frightened. She must be somebodys pet as she is in good condition and is wearing a collar but nobody has yet reported a black cat missing from that area.Roy is unable to bring her to the shelter as he is also knee deep in snow so he has made her comfortable at his home until he can bring her here. I know Roy will not thank me for saying this but he is really wonderful at helping in emergencies.If there is ever an animal in distress I know I can call on him for assistance and he will be happy to oblige.He is truly invaluable.
Well the snow is deeper than ever and we are struggling with staffing problems. Pictured are Gail and Sue wearily trudging home .Sue has had to walk in from the village(no mean feat in these conditions) and Gail was picked up by Rosie who thankfully has a four wheel drive vehicle which can at least reach the bottom of our track.Even with a 4 wheel drive the track is too dangerous to traverse. The water situation is the biggest issue, the main herd of horses have had to be put in the lower fields for access to the stream but will have to come in at night.At the moment this is viable but as soon as it starts to ice over we will not be able to move them to these fields as it will be too slippy and we cannot risk injury to their legs if they fall.
No, I have not been busy putting up icicle lights for Christmas - these are for real! For the first time ever since I have lived here there are massive icicles everywhere, pictured are those on the conservatory this morning.
Photos of Reggie and Timmy collies enjoying the snow and Leroy and Sorrell in their snow filled field. The little shetland ponies legs almost disappear in this. Leroy who is elderly .was saved from the meatman at a horse sale some years ago and has lived here for 7 years sharing a stable with Noddy and Maggie.
The new owners of Taz are very distressed but feel there is nothing left they can do to for her to accept the resident cats, she is determined to get at them and that is just not acceptable.Thjey have worked so hard with her and are understandably upset at failing but as I said to them, they tried more than most people would ever do and they are not to be blamed at all.We will have to find somewhere for her as soon as possible.I am sad for them and for Taz who could have had a wonderful permanent home with people who care and who were kind enough to take on a dog knowing her to have problems. I really dont know where we go from here.
Prospective owners for one of the westie cross pups braved the adverse weather conditions to travel from Rhyl - the others will have to wait until the New Year before they can go to their homes. The brindle male is the first to go and all being well they will have a lovely family pet in him.I have never known such clean well behaved dogs, at the age of five months they are incredibly well trained.
We have cleared a path for the pigs from their house to the water container but they are not keen to venture out at all and so everything is having to be delivered to their door - I Wish I could have food and drink delivered this way.Lucky piggies.
I had a call today from a wheelchair bound lady in Jersey, Channel Islands who wants a collie with which to do Power Agility.I did not know such a thing existed but it is for people(adults and children) who are in wheelchairs and who want to do agility with their dogs What a great idea , anyhow I am on the look out for a suitable dog for this lady and I feel sure we will find one soon. She has equipment in her garden to train a dog for this so whatever she has will be kept amused and not suffer from the boredom so many intelligent and lively dogs are forced to endure.
Somehow I need to get out to buy more catfood to last through the forthcoming holiday period, we only have enough to last a couple more days and no delivery vans will make it here at the moment. These are the things which make the whole snow scenario not so much picturesque as a continual worry about getting food and water to so many animals. In the light of this concern my own personal hygiene is the least of my worries though if a friend can pick me up on the road and drive me to a house where all utilities are in working order,I hope to resolve(albeit temporarily) this tomorrow. Perhaps I will be able to buy some petfood at the same time. If the snow keeps falling this may be the only opportunity to do so.

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