Thursday, 16 December 2010

Bottoms Up!

Sorry about the silence this week.Computer problems again but sorted now, apparently some of the hard drive was corrupted!!!! Its beyond my comprehension what this means but its fixed now so Im back on track. The Westie cross pups are still here because what with one problem or another - weather, geographical logisitics and so on the prospective owners have not managed to travel here. It is now so close to Christmas, we may wait until after the holiday to home them.They are little tinkers, so full of life and mischief it is hard to take a photo of them, they dont keep still except to wee and poo and that is not going to make the prettiest photo.I did manage to get the backsides of three but no 4 refused to co-operate and join the line up, he had found more interesting smells elsewhere and could not be persuaded to leave them for something so mundane as a photo opportunity.Smells versus photo.No contest.Smells always win.
Millie spaniel cross has gone to a nice home, 2 dog pound dogs are to be admitted tomorrow, foster homes are lined up for both(Rosies' foster dog , the handsome Rocco finally left us for Bonny Scotland) A staff cross pup belonging to a homeless man is also off to a foster home and I am taking in a 4 years old female cross mastiff/labrador.Its all go.
I managed to get away for a night to stay with my sister Sandra in Prestatyn but left to return this afternoon when the snow started to fall. There is a thin layer sticking at the moment and it is very cold 'up here in hills'. It is not the best time to take in horses but as mentioned before we have some due to be returned.Two are arriving this weekend, weather permitting of course and probably the other three also.I am just hoping we do not have a repeat of last weeks catastrophic frozen pipe debacle.With an extra 5 ponies, the work will be even more difficult with no running water. Positive thoughts are needed please.
Whilst I was away a beautiful longhaired white cat was admitted, she is deaf and her owner felt she would be safer in another home where it was quieter and with less traffic. I am unsure why she did not simply keep her as an indoor cat but no doubt I will hear the full story later. I will reserve judgement until then. Photo yet to be taken as I only arrived home late this afternoon ago and just wanted to do a short update before I relaxed for the evening. Even after a day and a half away there is always so much to catch up on.

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