Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Celt the cowardly Colt.

We had a little more snow overnight though some appears to be melting in the sun. Rhian and Cariad somehow managed to get in today thanks to Cariad shovelling herself out of her home and going to collect Rhian.The cold is making the animals very hungry especially the feral cats who are wolfing down excessive amounts of food..Its costing around £300 per week for their food alone. As you can see from the photo they love their grub! The other photo is of the view from one of our fields which looks over to Glenys my next door neighbours farm(Opposite side to Horrid H) beyond which you can see Snowdon on the left and Elephant Mountain on the right. Its called that because it resembles an elephants head and trunk(honestly) but I am not sure what the correct name for it is. As I was writing this ,Gronwey who has done much of the building here turned up with a delivery of haylage; he looked at the blog and immediately said that the cat photo made them look like wild cats eating a carcase of a dead animal.I can assure everyone that the 'carcase' is in fact two large trays of whiskas!
The Tibetan terrier has arrived and a sweet dog she is too , I feel sure she will find a loving home soon.Her owners are devastated at losing her and I can understand why and feel very sorry for them that their ill health has meant having to part with Anya. What an awful situation to find themselves in. I can barely imagine their feeling of loss.
Gail left early today so she can collect a couple of cats from a house where the owner has left to go to Australia for three months leaving three cats behind a week ago. Apparently she told someone she hoped they would not be there when she returned. How callous is that? I cannot understand such lack of compassion and sadly one cat has already disappeared. The remaining two are desperately trying to get in neighbours houses and in this cold weather they must be so cold and hungry. I have no idea where they will go as we are so full but one way or another something has to be done for them and Gail is going to ask around the area to try and find the third cat. I hope the owners have a lousy holiday! they dont deserve to enjoy it.
A friend is holding a fundraiser for the shelter on December 17th in Rhosneigr, Anglesey.It will be a buffet and drinks/dance evening at a local pub , tickets £10 to include all the food you can eat and a glass of wine. Ring me for more information 01286 880808.
My car is packed with everything for the fair in Penygroes tomorrow morning , I am too nervous to drive it down to the road even in four wheel drive so one of the staff is going to do that for me. Did I mention that a few weeks ago I reversed into the local undertakers vehicle, well thats a fair indication of my driving skills! Heres hoping we make a profit, we really do need to make some extra over the next few months , Christmas is such a busy time for an animal shelter and then there is the January slump when nobody seems to have any money to spend . I have always wondered how January Sale addicts have money to spare after Christmas, do they have a frugal holiday existing only on fruit and nuts and give presents which were given to THEM the previous year? My sister in law used to do this, at least we always suspected she did because everything she gave was so unsuitable for the recipient. Oh well its the thought that counts or was it a total LACK of thought?
Mei has just called me out the office as she needed help with Celt one of the young ponies.(the one Mei and I partially hand reared ) Gronwey had left the large bales of haylage just before the stables and Mei was forced to walk each pony in one at a time as they were all too scared to go past these big 'monsters'! Horses hate anything new and Celt was more terrified than any of them.When I went out he was running backwards and forwards, clearly upset at not being able to join his pals but the fear of the unknown was too much for him. I walked slowly toward the bales and he quickly fell in behind me making sure that I was well in front to tackle the 'monsters'. I could hear him snorting and trembling behind me as we passed them , poor little Celt.His relief when we got out of sight of them was palpable. What a coward! The pic is of him when he was a bit younger but its so lovely I wanted to share it.
I can hear the hounds baying in the property at the back of the shelter.They do this several times a day , they are a hunting pack and are kept in an enclosure which must be so mindnumbingly boring for them that everytime they see someone or hear a noise they kick off. I feel so sorry for them, there is another pack in the village and they too share the same dull routine.Although I despise hunting I admit to also feeling a sense of relief when the hounds are taken out, at least that day they will have exercise and a break from boredom on those rare days. Our dogs have such a good life in comparison. Speaking of which its time for mine to have their final run on the fields before it gets any darker. The sky is very dark on the Snowdon side and I fear that it means more snow is imminent.

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