Monday, 20 December 2010

Cats in Comfort, Pippin and a grateful stray cat.

Hallelujah! More staff came in today though as I was not expecting anyone was going to make it in I was forced to ring Mei and ask her to come in early to help. It was the one morning she could have had a lie in! I felt so guilty.
Engine cat has been returned to his home and we are about to admit another cat which has been living for some weeks on the stairways of a block of flats in Pwllheli.Gail who lives in that area is going to collect him/her tonight.I have no idea where he will go, we are full to the brim but how can we say no to animals living rough in these conditions?A space will have to be made.
Someone turned up today with a terrier they found which neighbours have been feeding for the past few weeks. She is a nice little dog, (pictured here)she looks like she could be a cross jack russell with a border terrier and the staff have named her Pippin. Vanessa has offered to foster her for us until a home is found. It is anybodys guess whether she will be claimed or not.
The cat living rough turned out to be a blue cream British Blue! isn't she beautiful?What beautiful orange eyes.How did she end up living this way?It shows that even pedigree animals are not always cossetted and loved by their owners ,unless her owner has died and she has been turned out to fend for herself. That is always a possible scenario. When I lived at the Liverpool shelter we admitted a cat which had been living rough on waste ground for at least six months; Dave asked me to go and look at him as he was so handsome.(the cat, not Dave) and to my amazement it was a pure bred Bengal cat. Nobody claimed him and he was subsequently rehomed. Then there are the longhaired (persian) cats which are sometimes admitted and these are usually in the most neglected condition of all. They have badly matted coats and often have to be sedated and have all the coat shaved off. They are adorable as fluffy kittens but require extensive care with grooming and if this is not kept up it doesn't take long for the coat to become a total mess. They are not ideal pets for everybody and they certainly need owners with time and patience to groom daily. The cat admitted yesterday is a gentle natured animal and it is shocking to think she has been forced to sleep on cold concrete balconies in this terrible weather. She is clearly so grateful to be warm again. I am always thankful that there is usually someone caring enough in the neighbourhood to at least pick up the telephone and alert us to such cases.Pictured also are some of our old and semi ferals which live in the conservatory, there is no way they are venturing out in the snow,its far too cosy for them indoors. They do have the freedom to go outside, we only lock them in when cat hating dogs are about but in this weather they really have no inclination to move from their beds.
The day started with a nice surprise from our lampeter shop manageress Audrey who rang to say we had overpaid our gas bill and are due a rebate of over £1,000.What a lovely way to start the day with good news like this. It has been snowing again overnight and judging by the dark clouds on the horizon, more will be imminent. I am delighted that we have running water again , that is an immense relief. Thanks to Barry and his 4x4, there is enough catfood in to last about a week;
Moan for the Day - usually at this time of year we have donations of petfood handed in but of course few people have been able to get here so it has made a huge difference to our 'stock pile' over the holiday.There has been no post for nearly two weeks so we have had no cards or postal donations either. Surely next year the Government/councils will be better organised. As we all know ,the fact of the matter is that money has to be invested in appropriate machines and manpower if the country is not to grind to a halt again, it is ludicrous and so damaging to the economy, never mind the personal problems it causes.I feel so sorry for those trying to travel home for Christmas and stuck in airports instead. Having myself spent cold, sleep deprived nights in airports, it is no joke.Mind you both occasions were my own fault, no weather conditions were to blame, I just mixed up the days of the flights!!!! Dumb blonde strikes again!
I have received a call to say that Millie the cross spaniel has not only settled in well with her new people but that they think she is is the best dog in the world and are thrilled to bits with her. I love to hear that, it sets my mind at rest. Millie is a particularly nice well behaved dog and I am so pleased for her.Heaven knows why she would have been abandoned by her previous owner but thats life I'm afraid. Animals do not necessarily have to be ill behaved to be treated in such a way.Often its the owners who are the problem and not the pet.

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