Friday, 31 October 2008

More mice arrive and 2 old cats rehomed.

We have now rescued 800 of the pet mice!! I am so grateful that they will be going on saturday, not that I dont like them but the staff caravan has had to become a mouse haven and it needs to be reclaimed though not before a thorough cleaning/airing - mice have a very strong smell.This has been our biggest small animal rescue yet.It is far from over but at least now we have contacts who are willing to help.
Fudge, the pregnant farm dog has about one week to go before the pups are due and Paws rescue are helping us out by placing her at the kennels they use locally.We have another dog looking for a home, a beautiful collie cross GSD, 12 months old, his owner has moved in with a new partner whose child hates dogs!Gismo is a joy to care for, he gets on well with everything and everybody, he is such an amiable happy animal.
Mei had a day off today and because her house overlooks the shelter fields she was able to see that one of the ponies was lying down and looked uncomfortable so she rang the shelter immediately.The vet had to be called, old William had a bout of colic, we are checking on him at regular intervals as colic can be potentially fatal.So far he seems much improved.If you are reading this Mei, thank you for your observation but try and have a day off and stop spying on us!!!!"Only joking, well done for spotting it.
Roy, manager of the Caernarfon shop has spent all day here doing odd jobs round the shelter and Barbara when not caring for the mice has been doing a general tidy up - she has extended her stay until saturday so she can organise the mouse hand over to Furry Friends Rescue.What a difference a few extra pair of hands can make.
Yesterday we had visitors from the Midlands, Lynette and Bob are regular helpers and they brought with them a friend who took Inca and Caspar mother and son cats who have been with us for ages.Inca is 14 years old and this put a lot of people off .Had she been young her beautiful grey coat would have meant she would have been snapped up, personally I love the old cats and would always take them as first chooice but I suppose people do not want to face the loss of a pet especially when they have just lost one.Its understandeable but I am so thrilled these two have gone.

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