Sunday, 2 November 2008

A little old dog arrives and horse neglect reported.

I had 2 cases of possible horse neglect reported to me this weekend, one involved several horses being kept in poor conditions in a muddy field.Most were underweight, one particularly so. They had been eating the bark off the trees(a sign of vitamin deficiency and starvation)This is no way to keep horses and is very upsetting to see.
The other was a pony with overgrown feet , he was clearly in a great deal of pain when he walked though there were signs someone was caring for him as there were feed and water bowls in the field.
Photos of both have been sent to the ILPH for action to be taken.All I can do in cases of reported neglect is to visit, take photographic evidence and forward this on to organisations which have the power and resources to take action.As many cases which are reported can be simply a case of a dispute between neighbours and no cruelty or neglect is evident I am happy to check it out before calling in already overworked inspectors.
A little old dog was brought in today, she is emaciated and has the most terrible teeth which must prevent her from eating properly, she was found wandering along a busy road and was in danger of being killed.She will have to visit the vet tomorrow.Currently she is curled up in a basket in my living room and seems glad to be warm and comfortable.Who knows if anyone will claim her.I am doubtful but stranger things have happened.She seems oblivious to the presence of the resident dogs and cats which is a bonus - after agreeing to take her I worried about the possibility she would be a cat hater but as soon as I saw her, it was clear that she is far too frail to be a threat to the cats.

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Dave said...

Hi Lesley,
Firstly I think what you do for all of these animals is remarkable and secondly I just wanted to know what happened to the old cat Peggy whom me and my mum saved in Portmadog while on holiday there 2 weeks ago.
We were shopping when somebody decided to push her out of a car in the middle of the road and me an mum took her to Trisha in your charity shop. I have sent you an email a week ago explaining the situation
but have recieved no reply yet and would really like to know what happened with her.
Finally the kitten that we also took in is now living the high life here at home and enjoying it very much in my brothers bedroom at the minute as he's too small to let wander around the house yet but he's doing fine and his name is Edga. When he's older he will be able to go out and play with our other 40 odd cats that live with us on our farm.
They are all neutuered and all come in at night.
I'm sorry I have had to contact you this way but I didn't know how else to find out what has happened to Peggy.