Saturday, 15 November 2008

Pepe finds a home

I have been busy printing posters of our animals to make a display board for the Liverpool Christmas fair on December 6th.As I printed out photos of animals rehomed I wasted a lot of time looking at them and remembering their individual stories, cats, dogs, rabbits, ponies etc. They all had a story to tell, if only animals could speak. Like everyone who has read the recent horror story about the little boy murdered by his mothers boyfriend I was not surprised to read that he had previous convictions of animal cruelty. I wish this country would adopt the same severe stance which the Us have on animal abusers.For many years they have seen the link between animal cruelty and those who abuse their fellow human beings which so often leads to murder. I fear this country is way too lenient on such people. What use is a fine and 8 weeks custodial sentence to someone who has starved an animal to death.It would be laughable if it were not so tragic.
What struck me about the photos of dogs rescued is their happy expressions, many of ours have been abused farm dogs and known nothing but life on a chain and harsh words.To see their happy smiling faces is a wonderful feeling.
A young Jack Russell was brought in today, he will be in the house with my little dogs, he should be easy to rehome, he is a cheery happy little dog.His owner had too many dogs and was in a dispute with the local council.
The best news this weekend is that Pepe the timid red and white collie has found a home.I can scarcely believe it , his new owners have experience of such a nervous dog so I hope it will be another success story.
I have been asked to take 5 miniature ponies just 32 inches tall! I am trying to find a foster home for them over the winter as we are have too many here to cope with this many more albeit tiny ones.
Just one cat was homed today - Lola a lovely black female was homed via the catchat website- so many people come to us from that site, it has been a real godsend to us.
We have a few cats starting to sneeze so we are not admitting any more until this is cleared.I have always found November to be a bad month for any type of virus, heres hoping it wont take a strong hold and will clear soon.Unfortunately it also means we have to put a stop on rehoming this week at least.Well see how it goes.I am a great believer in the properties of colloidal silver to keep it in check, it works as a preventative as well as a natural antibiotic and has worked well in the past.

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gillwool said...

I am the new owner of Pepe, we could not resist him.He has been with us for 2 nights now and is slowly getting used to us.We are keeping him quiet and giving him lots of fuss.I left him on his own for 5 mins on first evening and when returned he had pulled everything within reach off the top of the kitchen units and various things out of living room, all scattered over the floor even the clothes I had put to iron but the surprise wa that everything had not been touched or bitten,just all lay out which was quite funny.We know now to not leave him alone ! He adores our 24 yr old daughter and she loves him.He is eating well and looking less wary.Will keep you updated.