Sunday, 30 November 2008

Cats in the Conservatory

Oh my god its freezing this morning.Everywhere is covered in a layer of frost, the ground was crunching and crackling as I walked the dogs up the fields. They seem to love this type of weather and seem friskier, cant say I feel the same!
Some of the feral cats have moved into the heated conservatory(see photo) with the elderly residents.They know where the best spots are though most prefer to keep out of the way in Kitty Kottage or the other heated shed.
Pip the deaf Jack Russell is still not homed but I have had a few enquiries so I am keeping my fingers crossed for him that someone suitable turns up.Someone caught a dog which had been wandering for about a week, he waas emaciated and extremely scared of everything that moved.His eyes were completely dead of emotion, his body rigid with fear and when anyone tried to pat him he cowered in fear.This is his 4th day and there is a remarkable change already in his demeanour. We have named him Freddy and he has brightened up a great deal and even wagged his tail this morning- his eyes look less dull and fearful which is a wonderful sight.Its a dreadful thing for any creature to feel so scared of people that they are frightened to move or respond to overtures of friendship.I have been reading about the police officer and his police officer partner who have just been in court for cruelty to their two dogs.Having watched the video footage taken by their neighbour,I feel full of anger, what on earth is wrong with society that there is so much violence and cruelty about.If the police are capable of it what hope is there for the rest of society, hardly role models are they?
Grandad one of our elderly shetland ponies has started having fits, the vet has been out before to him when it happened but we thought it was a one off incident. It is quite scary seeing him unable to control his shaking, his legs wobble and he becomes disoriented. He has had two episodes in the past couple of weeks and the vet thinks they will keep occurring so we have to keep a very careful eye on him.Poor old Grandad, he is such a loveable old pony - he was rescued from a horse sale by someone in Liverpool and has lived here happily for several years.Of course its to be expected when we have so many old animals at the shelter but seeing them getting older and developing age related problems or other serious health issues is still upsetting.Grandad is a great favourite of Meirwen though like all of the animals here he is loved by all the staff.

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