Saturday, 22 November 2008

Molly an ardent Everton supporter.

We have had torrential rain this weekend and it has become very cold and icy feeling.
The weather notwithstanding, we have had some cats rehomed!!! Thank goodness they are starting to move at last. 3 of the teenagers went today and they have been here since they were about 7 weeks old and are now almost 5 months. I am so pleased for them.Another adult cat has been reserved and will be going in a few days.All in all it has been a successful weekend.
Yesterday I collected an unwanted cat from Anglesey where he was being fostered for me by Ann Cragg who runs a boarding cattery but also takes in a small number of injured wildlife.It was the first time I had been there and it was heartwarming to see all the birds enjoying their recovery, many are free to fly away but choose to stay and who could blame them, after all there is constant supply of free food. Her pet LLamas looked on curiously as we parked the car and when William jumped out they were totally agog at this strange creature with a PLASTIC BUCKET ROUND HIS HEAD!
The cat is a handsome grey about 8 months old, I doubt he will be here for long.
William is much brighter this weekend, he is eating normally again and more his usual self and is managing extremely well with his collar.
Molly is pictured above with her beloved football.She is originally from Liverpool and is more than likely an Everton supporter, after all she did come from a home in Everton close to the football ground! She is 7 years old now whic h is quite a good age for a Great Dane but she is as playful as a puppy and very fit and active.The only health problem she has had is when her wagging tail would split against the furniture, eventually she had so many problems with it that she had to have several inches amputated and now everything is fine and no more injuries.That does bring me to the issue of tail docking, a barbaric practice which thankfully is now against the law though I continue to see breeds with docked tails.Its hard to believe that this was accepted practice for so many years.I love to see |Dobermans, Jack russells and similar running round with lovely long wagging tails - thats what dogs are supposed to look like, tails are there for a reason and are not there for humans to mutilate!

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