Wednesday, 19 November 2008

William has emergency surgery

My lovely William came in with a sore eye yesterday, I took him to the vet and had to leave him there for an operation.He had suffered some sort of trauma to the eye and it had ulcerated.He is a very unhappy boy today and like all animals hates wearing the collar round his head.He is not eating and is generally looking very sorry for himself. I am just so thankful his eye was saved.Like all lurchersand greyhounds he has a very low threshold of pain, I can totally empathise.When I collected him from the surgery I took one look at him, my legs turned to jelly and I almost passed out! I had to avert my eyes from him all evening(though cuddling him at the same time)as it made me feel quite nauseous.In 30 years I have never been able to overcome my squeamishness over all things medical.Anyhow today he is a little brighter and will be on antibiotics and pain killers for a week.Poor old William.
We are besieged with requests to take animals, its a nightmare.Some people simply do not or will not understand that we are not miracle workers and we only have so much space. nevertheless it is still upsetting, i hate to turn anyone away, I worry what will happen to that animal.A woman contacted the vet yesterday with 2 8 months old cats she could not keep, she was returning to liverpool today so we felt obliged to take them
Did she give a donation? NO.Not a penny towards them.I despair sometimes .Just a few pounds would have helped buy a few tins of food.
I have heard today via email that our little shy dog Pepe is settling in his new home, I couldnt be more pleased to hear that news.It seems he has found the right people who have experience of timid dogs and have a lot of common sense in dealing with the problems which accompany such an animal.if only there were more people like that.So many want a perfectly behaved,perfect pet and sadly manyanimals in rescues are traumatised by past events in their lives requiring much patience and commitment.
I have a new friend Janette who runs a pot bellied pig sanctuary in Canada (hearts n Noses)She has just sent me information on another much larger pig shelter which has been the subject of much media coverage in the Us. Humane society officials went in to find 5oo pigs in poor condition, many dead and dying from starvation! What goes through peoples minds who do this, why do they not ask for help if finaces are a problem? It happens time and time again, one wonders how it ever gets to this dreadful point without action being taken.Freshfields has had a continuous struggle over the years but when times are hard we put out appeals for help, no animal would ever suffer in this way, neither I nor anybody who works for me here in Wales or at the |LIverpool shelter would allow such a terrible situation to develop.

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