Sunday, 16 November 2008

More Mice and a head banging jack russell

Another 30 mice arrived today from the same home where we rescued the 900, these have been given a home in South Wales so Barbara has taklen them today.
We have been offered free grazing and a stable just 15 minutes away from the shelter and it seems ideal for the miniature ponies.One of our part time staff Cariad has offered to care for them as she lives close by .Its just a matter now of making the arrangements for their arrival and ensuring their passports are in order.
The Jack Russell is very quickly driving me mad, he is in the house with me and my own dogs and he spent the entire evening leaping from the floor to the sofa to my head and back down again, from the floor to the sofa to my head, over and over again!!! He clearly thought it was great fun and unfortunately the poor little chap is deaf so he was unable to hear my pleas of STOP NOW, GET OFF, NO, DONT, GIVE IT A REST AND OTHER THINGS I CANT PRINT FOR FEAR MY BLOG WILL BE TAKEN OFFLINE!
He is a dear little dog and its not his fault his previous powner did not spend any time training him.At least he is young enough to alter his head banging ways.

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