Saturday, 29 November 2008

Rusty and Romana settle in their foster home

This week saw the arrival of Rusty and Romana from South Wales.These 2 horses belonged to a lady with MS, her condition was worsening and she was unable to care for them any longer.Rusty the little one is 25 years of age and Romana 20 years.We have been fortunate to find a fosterer who has a wealth of experience with horses, in fact her late husband wrote many books on Equines.Mary has offered to care for them over the winter months until we have space here at the shelter.They are both very friendly animals who have obviously been well loved by their previous owner,Romana the larger of the two has a tendency to become laminitic unless her grazing is restricted which of course is often a problem when we try to rehome.Other than that the pair of them would make wonderful pets.
We were given a tank of African Snails a few days ago but they were not here long as staff members Vanessa and Cariad took them home for their children to care for.These rather strange animals were given to a child to take home from school at the end of term.Unfortunately they breed and lay eggs prolifically so the original 2 turned very rapidly into 8! Mum then panicked and brought them here.Knowing nothing at all about them I rang Lynn in the Wildlife section of the Liverpool shelter, she gave me some good information and I downloaded some more info from the internet.What did we all do before the internet?
A litter of collie/spaniel pups were brought in and there are only 2 left as I write this.They need to go as quickly as possible being so close to the forthcoming holiday period. I dont want them going as Christmas presents but I would like to think that they will have a comfortable Christmas lying in front of a warm fire so hopefully the adverts I have put up everywhere will bring some success.
After a good spell of cats going to homes, this weekend has been another quiet one, maybe next week will be better.

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