Sunday, 5 October 2008

Perro and Pepe

The 2 collies have still not been claimed, as each day goes by, the possibility becomes more remote.Pepe the smaller of the two looks a bit like a cross sheltie, he really is a very very shy boy, unless the other dogs are around he is very hard to get hold of.He is a very pretty dainty little dog.Once again I wonder why he is lso nervous of people. He seems to be gaining confidence with me slowly, a few more days and it could make all the difference.I have named them Perro(Peruvian for dog) and Pepe(after a Peruvian guide I met)
Shamrock was allowed out today, we put him next to the field where Celt is grazing, so that they could see each other and tomorrow they will meet properly for the first time.That should be fun to watch.
I had visitors from Liverpool today,Margaret and Les have been supporters of Freshfields for more years than I care to admit so it was lovely to see them both.They brought a welcome donation of petfood, the pigs enjoyed their biscuit treats too.
Just one kitten was reserved today and one rehomed yesterday was returned because someone in the household developed an allergic reaction when the cat arrived home.
Its a lovely sunny day today and all the animals have enjoyed the break from the rain.
We have taken in 12 cats from a home where the owner has died, it makes a change to receive this number of cats which are all neutered and spayed.They are all very friendly cats so that makes it easier for us to find them new homes.

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