Sunday, 26 October 2008

Homes for the MIce

The mice have now been split into groups, males and females though it is likely that most if not all the females will be pregnant! The boys are all huddled together in the photo, the other photo is of the first group of females to be put into a anew tank, they are all glad to be in clean surroundings and are starting to wash themselves. My appeal has brought some help, I am so grateful to everyone who responded.Furry Friends In Surrey are taking a few hundred and we are currently trying to sort out transport.A rescue in Lincolnshire has offered to take 50 adn we are still receiving offers of help.The transport is always the pronblem as we have so few helpers here but we will do our best.There may be a glimmer of hope as I have just heard that a rescue in south wales travels to the South every Sunday and may help us. Heres hoping! The power of the internet is truly amazing, as soon as I sent out the appeal(thank you South West animal protection for this)help came flooding in. Kelly who runs a website put out a cry for help on this too.
The seal pup spent the evening at the vets and has now gone to the rehab centre at Colwyn Bay. Barry and his friend managed very well to gather him up in a tarpaulin without being bitten, even at a young age seal pups can give a nasty nip. They may look angelic but they ARE wild.This is the second seal pup found stranded in one week so I hear. The sea has been very wild and perhaps the babies have become seperated from their mothers.
We have a new helper here for a few days, Barbara has come from Gwent and is staying at Barrys caravan for the time she is here.She had only just arrived when the seal crisis occurred, what a welcome! The following day she spent sorting out the accommodation for the mice, Mei and I were delighted as neither of us are good at handling small animals,Barbaras presence was very very welcome.The donated tanks arrived, courtesy of Elinor and Gareth at Machynlleth and Coleen and Roger delivered them here and made mice proof lids for them. It really helps to have animal minded friends in all areas of the country and Wales in particular.I am so grateful to everyone who pulled together to help with these new arrivals.
We are bringing the horses in early at the moment, the weather has been so bad and the old ones cant wait to get into their warm stables.Even the youngsters arent anxious to stay out and are usually whinnying over the gates as though to say dont forget us, we want to come in too.
2 of the horses on my waiting list have been found a foster home for the winter.Rusty a chestnut pony aged 25 years and Romana another chestnut aged 20 belong to a lady who is very ill with MS and can no longer care for her animals. There is no space here at the shelter but I felt she deserved help.As luck would have it, a nice lady who lives not too far from the shelter and who has had years of experience with her own horses has offered to have them at least over the winter months. They should be going to their home in the next week.

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