Sunday, 12 October 2008

Animals get bullied too

Christy, a tabby point siamese was being bullied by the other cats in her home, I brought her back from Lampeter with me last week. Unlike most of this breed, she is not at all vociferous and she is a gentle sweet natured animal. I will try to find her a home where she is the only cat.
We have homed a couple of timid ginger teenage cats this weekend and 2 other kittens but we remain full to overflowing.Where are all these cats coming from? With so much help available to neuter pets, there should be a decrease in the numbers of animals abandoned and unwanted so why does the situation not seem improved? 2 black cats brought in as strays were claimed by their owners whcih was not only welcome but unusual, very few are ever claimed. In fact we have a cat here which had been brought in as a stray.Her owner was contacted as the cat had a microchip implant- 6 weeks later we are still awaiting the owner. nobody has turned up, 3 calls have been made to the shelter, each time it was arranged they would collect her and each time they failed to turn up!This is the second microchipped cat in the past few months which was left unclaimed. It is very hard to understand why anyone would go to the trouble of microchipping their pet and then abandon it .
I went out to get more cat and kitten food today and wore a tshirt i bought in Machu Picchu.I was approached by a woman asking me if I had actually been to Peru.She said all her life she had wanted to visit Machu Pichu, it had long been a dream of hers.She wanted to know if it was as awe inspiring as everyone says. I assured her that it certainly was.I know what she meant, sometimes you hear glowing tales of a place and then when you vist, there is a sense of disappointment. I doubt anyone could fail to be impressed by that particular wonder of the world.It really is an amazing sight to behold.
I think I have a place for the 2 horses belonging to the lady who has MS. A lady in Powys has offered to foster emergency cases for the charity.Once I have been to see her and if it suitable I will arrange for them to be moved as soon as possible.

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