Saturday, 18 October 2008

The final shelter yard is under construction.

The pup has found a home already, lucky little man.The ducks too will be going shortly to a lovely new home with a big pond for them to swim in. I am glad they are leaving soon,I was becoming too attached to them and the facilities here are not good enough to keep them permanently.
I have been spending time at the new Barmouth charity shop, we hope to have it open next week. As luck would have it(for us, not for them Im afraid) a shop close by was closing down and we have been able to buy good second hand shop fittings.Next week will be taken up sorting that out.The shops are our only regular income but setting them up can take up a lot of valuable time, which I feel would be best spent doing other things.Nevertheless it is an important job and has to be done. Already we have some volunteers ready to help there and usually when a shop opens, other people come forward to offer help.Well, thats the theory anyway!
Today, Gronwey our friendly neighbourhood builder/hay supplier is doing the groundwork for a path and a small yard round the stable in the field next to the house.This is the first dry day for the past week so he is taking advantage of it.
The horse field near to the house has always been a very wet field, it is at the bottom of the hill and rainwater collects there making it muddy for the horses when they come down to drink.The much used area round the shelter has turned to a muddy mess so we are making a small yard around it, the same as those in the other fields, one of which is pictured above.The horses then will have somewhere dry to stand when they come down from the top fields. This will be the last shelter to be done.It has made such a difference having these yards, they are handy too for keeping in those horses on restricted grazing, they dont have to be brought in to stables and can still be next to their field companions. If the weather stays dry (some hope) it will be finished by next weekend. The horses have already been to inspect the work done so far, they are so nosy and love to investigate anything new.
There are 2 cats aged 12 years coming in this weekend, its such a shame that cats this age end up in shelters, they are from different homes, one owner has died, the other works away most of the time now and there is nobody to care for the old cat.Surprisingly many of the oldies settle remarably well but every now and again there will be one which will fret and stop eating for a while.Heres hoping these two will not be the fretting types.

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