Saturday, 11 October 2008

The two foals become friends.

The two foals are now firm friends, Shamrock has really brightened up since his arrival, he is now parasite free and is clearly feeling a great deal better.He is no longer dull and listless and is becoming as mischievous as his pal.They will have another companion in the next few weeks, the foal which was due to be destroyed due to its malformed leg(rendering him useless as a future riding animal) will be brought here soon.
It has been a very busy week at the shelter, the dentist has been out and checked or treated over 20 of the horses,some had to be anaesthetised for treatment which meant the vet also had to be in attendance.
Perro, the black and white collie was claimed but Pepe the ginger and white collie remains with us, he has been joined by Smut a collie pup aged about 4 months.He is an attrcative little dog so may not be homeless for very longt.His owner said he was food aggressive and with a young child this was unacceptable.He is NOT food aggressive, food can be taken from him without any fear of being bitten, he just wags his tail, in fact he is simply a normal puppy.
We had a visit from someone who has several of our cats, their oldest cat had died aged 21 years( a marvellous age)He has given a home to another of ours, Vincent a lovely little ginger and white cat one of the 12 cats brought in recently when their owner died.It was lovely to see the photos of their other cats especially Granny White who was a great favourite of the staff here, she was one of 12 white cats which came in from a farm home, friendly cats but not in the best condition,Granny was so frail and shabby in appearance it was hard to recognise her as she is now.It was great to see her looking plump, healthy and happy.Vincent really is a very lucky cat, he is going to a wonderful home.
There have been some problems with the opening of our charity shop in Barmouth.The ex manager of our Lampeter shop has disappeared and we now have to find someone else to run this new shop.I never fail to be amazed at the behaviour of some people, how they let others down and fail to face up to reality. If everyone was open and honest how much easier life would be!Oh well just another problem to deal with.

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Debbie said...

So pleased to hear that Shamrock is on the mend.