Sunday, 19 October 2008

2 old cats arrive and more farm dogs

The 2 old cats are in. Pwt is a beautiful tortoishell and white catPictured here)Royston (a female and not keen on having her photo taken) is a very striking black cat with stunning orange eyes.Both are 12 years old so are a little overwhelmed at their sudden change od surroundings but they dont seem too nervous which is a good sign.
A farmer turned up today with 2 unwanted farm dogs, one of them - a handsome 2 years old collie has already been spoken for, the other a 7 years old cross collie/kelpie (also pictured)is pregnant!! He reckoned a stray dog got at her about a month ago but both Rhian and I feel she may be further along than that, she needs to go to the vet as soon as possible and spayed if she is only in early stages.
Her name is Fudge and she seems happy to be off her chain, which the farmer said I could keep! I dont think so. What a terrible life some dogs have. This must seem like paradise to them. I asked him for a donation and his reply was "If I must". They dont care how I find the money to care for them as long as the problem is taken away from them.Still I prefer they bring them here than shoot them or abandon them.
A little more work was done on the new path and yard but then the rain began and as I write this, it is raining very heavily and the wind is getting up so work has had to be abandoned for today.

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pamela said...

So what excuse did the farmer give for dumping them on you?