Monday, 12 September 2011

A Wolf ? In Need of A Home

I've had a migraine for two days so not functioning on all cylinders  I'm afraid. I hate taking tablets but was forced to do so today or could see me being out of action for the rest of the week.Anyhow they worked and am feeling more human now.

I have just heard of two little Jack Russells which were seen being thrown out of a car and which are now in the local Dog Pound. Isn't that a horrible thing toi do to an animal.Such a frightening experience for them.Now I wonder which one of my foster people would like to take on those two?
I hope they are younger than Nancy and Dodger who are 7 years old and still with me .Nobody has expressed interest in them and they really are great little characters though not cat friendly which limits their chances of being adopted.,So many people have cats in the home nowdays,I remember reading that they are the most popular pet in the UK. Probably with so many families out at work all day, a cat is more suitable than a lively and often noisy dog.

As you may know, I have two cats residing with me but last night  as I lay in bed  I noticed that they appeared to have increased in number! Then I noticed the bedroom window was ajar. Three more cats had sneaked in and made themselves comfortable at the foot of my bed. Old Sam the black cat who  has been here for several years was fast asleep on my feet, Tiny Timwho is an enormous black cat who was originally a feral, lay next to him and yet another black cat(as yet unidentified!) was asleep on the rug next to the radiator! It was pouring with rain outside and the wind was so strong I could hear doors rattling outside; I just did not have the heart to evict them so I waited until the morning when they happily returned to sleeping in the conservatory.
The photo is of Sam who is always the one to investigate new machinery or places to sleep.He is often seen on the roof of parked cars and is the one who will jump in to visitors vehicles and has been known to steal food from people who foolishly leave packed lunches in open cars.  Naughty Sam!

 I had a call today from someone wanting to rehome a wolf!

 It seems there is a breeder in Anglesey. My feeling is that it is a hybrid (a wolf crossed with a dog) so I checked with a well known authority on wolves who told me that it was extremely unlikely it would be a wolf as they cannot be kept without a Wild Animal licence and that they most certainly cannot be kept as pets, many breeders call these animals wolves but in fact they rarely have more than 15 percent wolf in them.  

Why would anyone want one anyway? Like the Husky breeds,  a wolf hybrid will not be the best family pet, they have a highly developed prey instinct which means they may chase and attack smaller animals. This one is only seven months old and as such will not have developed its dominant streak. I will do my best to find this animal a suitable home (without bringing it to the shelter)but I hope that this will not be the first of many to come to my attention.

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