Sunday, 4 September 2011

Cat adoptions are Picking Up.

It just MIGHT be picking up with the cat adoptions.  A very nice couple came to visit and chose TWO cats. One was the  ginger and white kitten of yesterdays blog (I didn't think he would be here for long)and the other was Luther, an eight years old cat .Tabby Luther had been admitted earlier in the year after being found scavenging in a local village.Not only that , we homed another  kitten!  Three in one day is something to celebrate at the moment.

Bud the golden Retriever adopted just 10 weeks ago , has been returned for escaping from his garden. We did a homecheck,of course but we were not told they were moving to another house and presumably that one did not have a secure garden.It is very disappointing, especially as so many people responded to the advert for him and I turned them all down! Gail is once again fostering him, she would love to keep him but already has two boisterous dogs at home. He is such a great dog, it is unlikely he will be with us for long. Also returned is Monty the little white terrier who is a real sweetheart of a dog, he has come into the house with me until he is adopted out again. His problem is that he tries to go for other dogs whilst he is on the lead, inside his home he is wonderful with other dogs, it is just an outside issue.
Cesar Milan, where are you when I need you?
A lady  from Bournemouth has reserved the kelpie(shown on flickr) so he will be off to his new home on Monday. One out, two in!

Poor Honey is breathing badly again today so the Vet has been out to give her a steroid injection and tomorrow I will go and collect some powder from the surgery,  which will help to open up her airways.  We will monitor her condition and see how she gets on with the new treatment. I have had a pony with this same health problem and I remember her struggling to breathe, its like watching a person have an asthmatic attack, not an easy thing to watch.

Still unable to upload book cover .

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