Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I am Caught Napping!

We called the Vet out again to Honey, she has had another  steroid injection and is starting on her new treatment in the morning.She seems slightly more comfortable now so we hope tomorrow she will be better again. I dont want to think of the alternative just yet. Her companion Caspar was hovering uncertainly around the stable whilst the Vet was examining her, he knows something is not right and does not want to leave her side.

Kelpie Max set off to sunny Bournemouth(well it surely must be better than here?) with his new carer who has really taken him to her heart.I don't blame her. everyone fell in love with his sweet nature. I cannot wait to hear from them and to see the photos of him I have been promised. Foster mum Rosie has replaced him with another dog - Tilly is just 10 months old and is a collie crossed with a staff(Oh Dear) She is a nice animal but puppy  Tess is still looking for a home  a month after being admitted and she is the same cross. People just do not want anything with staff in, no matter how nice natured they are. I still have Jackson and there has not been an iota of interest in him after 2 months .It looks like he will be staying and I really did not want to keep another on a permanent basis. He adores Paddy but I have to keep him on a lead due to the cats here and I feel that is not the best life for such a young dog.
What is the answer?

I was looking forward to a trip to the hairdressers today but it turned out the appointment is for tomorrow.Just as well I rang first! So instead I will stay in the office catching up on paperwork.Not quite the same level of enjoyment is it? I am pretty tired today so maybe I would have fallen asleep under the dryer sooner than with the cats in the conservatory! I had sat down to make a fuss of the conservatory cats and the sofa looked so comfy I thought I would just try it out for a minute - I was there an hour!
Nicky is not to be trusted with a camera, she is always looking for an unusual photo.Hope you are satisfied with this one Nicky?

Look at this gorgeous little baby brought in today,having been found in a council office yard. We have named him Marmaduke and he has a fantastic personality for one so young. He is just adorable.Could be tempted  if I did not have so many pets myself. It is a relief to have a ginger brought in because they are so easy to home, they are incredibly popular. Even if he was not ginger Marmadukes' great little character will  appeal to everyone I'm sure.

Another new arrival is stray katy, an all white cat which has been living as a stray for some months. She is very loving and does not seem to be deaf though will get it checked out this week. So many pure white cats do have this problem, especially if their eyes are the same colour,odd eyed white cats usually are found to have hearing. White cats are also popular so with some luck and some more visitors, I am very hopeful that these two will be adopted pretty soon.
Fosterer Mion has just arrived with her cat loving niece.They have brought in three mother cats she has been caring for, their kittens have already been admitted, mums are now spayed and ready to be placed for adoption. They are all young, they were probably caught the first time they had  a season. She is taking back a mother cat and newborn kittens to foster. thank heavens for people like her and the other fosterers, without them the job would be so much harder and fewer animals would be rescued.
Mion and friend Elspeth will be having a stall for Freshfields at a Fun Day being held near Dolgellau on Sunday September 18th If you live near please support us and keep your fingers crossed for a decent day weather wise.
For more info ring Jan at  Dolgellau Vets on 01341 4222212. The address is Abergwynant Farm and is open 11am - 5 pm with lots of interesting activities to see. They have had a very poor fundraising year with so many days being cancelled due to bad weather and they have felt very disappointed so it would be great for them, and for us if this one is a success.

ps: Honey is improving a great deal on her new treatment.

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